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    The illegitimate son of Aquaman with an Inuiat woman named Kako. He was killed during the Spectre's attack on Atlantis in Infinite Crisis (shortly after he returns as the vilain Issitoq).

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    The metahuman son of Aquaman and the Inuit woman Kako.


    Koryak was created by Peter David and Jim Calafiore. He first appears in Aquaman #5.


    The son of Aquaman and the Inuit woman Kako, who would later become the fire elemental Corona. Koryak was raised by his mother in her remote village in Northern Canada without ever knowing the identity of his father or the truth about his Atlantean heritage. As a teenager, Koryak was introduced to Aquaman. Aquaman was ill prepared for the boy's temper and attitude, which, in many ways, mirrored Aquaman's own personality. Resentful of Aquaman's close relationship with Tempest, the angry, rebellious Koryak eventually took up residence in Atlantis, Aquaman's undersea kingdom. Against his father's express wishes, Koryak led a great migration of Atlanteans out of the capital city Poseidonis and into the tunnels of its sister city Tritonis. There, he unwittingly released the cruel Kordax and embroiled Atlantis in a great war with the God Triton. As a result of his misguided actions, Koryak was banished from Atlantis.However following Atlantis removing the ruling sorcerer class, Vulko retrieved Koryak to assist in the repairing of Atlantis, during which he grew close with the new Aquagirl who was visiting the city. He then returned with her to Sub-Diego where he reunited with his father and saved the city from a mutated monster. He later successfully defeats Anton Geist following his turning into an O.M.A.C.after his father is severely injured in battle.

    Feeling guilty for the death of Geist and costing Mera her chance to breathe underwater, he returns to Atlantis where he and Tempest gather the cities sorcerers to undo the curse which had taken it's toll on Mera. However the amount of magic used ultimately draws the Spectre to Atlantis, who destroys the city and kills Koryak in the process where Aquaman personally identified his body.


    Later, a young memory-less Atlantean called Issitoq (or Narwhal) was manipulated by the Deep Church to kill the Dweller of the Depths, so Urlok their god could resurrect. After the funeral of the Dweller of the Depths, Mera accidentally found his killer and thought he looked like someone. Back at the palace she discovered that Koryak's body was stolen, from this she believed that Issitoq was actually Koryak.

    Powers and Abilities

    Koryak possesses the physical attributes typical of all Atlanteans, however he also possesses the ability to shape and alter the density of water.

    Underwater Adaptation

    Koryak is able to function both on land and underwater. He can survive the pressures and temperatures of the deep and see in reduced light.

    Superhuman Strength

    Koryak possesses superhuman levels of strength. He can lift an enormous underwater creature and toss it a vast distance casually. As Aquaman's son, he very likely possesses a "Class 100" strength level.

    Enhanced Durability

    Koryak possesses enhanced durability and stamina. He can take hits from the Deep Six and enormous monsters and can also swim vast distances without tiring.

    Enhanced Speed

    Koryak possesses enhanced speed both on land and underwater, as noted by Aquaman when they first met. This was evidenced when Korayk speed blitz OMAC into the ocean in less than two seconds (more than 1/4 mile away), when Aquaman was struggling in the battle.

    Water Manipulation

    Koryak can manipulate water and alter its density to create blasts of solid water. Those blasts are powerful enough to tear apart a member of the Deep Six (Apokolyptian New Gods)

    Skilled Hunter

    Koryak is a skilled hunter and fisherman, often using a spear.


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