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    The indigenous people of the planet Korugar, located in Space Sector 1417. They are nearly extinct following the destruction of their homeworld by Volthoom, the First Lantern.

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    Korugarians are a humanoid species with bright pink to red complexions. Korugar was a peaceful culture which was forever altered by the insanity of its once great champion, the Green Lantern, Sinestro.

    Sinestro was obsessed with bringing order to the cosmos and saw Korugar as his finest example of that work. To facilitate his plans Sinestro ruled Korugar as an iron fist dictator, hiding his actions from the Guardians of the Universe.

    Korugar eventually rose up against its tyrant through a resistance movement lead by a young Katma Tui. Sinestro actions had lasting results on the psyche of Korugarians who came to view the Green Lanterns as a symbol of oppression. In guarding so vehemently against any future oppression, the once peaceful Korugarian culture developed into a military state with a strong class divide. Korugar's great cities are now punctuated with an ever growing poverty class that is often ignored by the ruling government.

    Korugarians have grown into a fractured unhappy people, distrustful of possible tyrants yet equally unhappy with their government. This has resulted in an overall cultural fickleness that has made most Korugarians weak willed and dependent on outside rule.

    Sinestro's reign of terror left Korugar with a lasting distrust of Green Lanterns, whom they now regarded as fascistic. When Sinestro's daughter Soranik became a Green Lantern, many of her colleagues shunned her as a traitor to her people, and her license to practice medicine on Korugar was suspended.

    Korugar was ultimately destroyed by Volthoom, who sought to use the planet as a power source. Most Korugarians died in the planetary explosion. Sinestro and Soranik are among a small handful of their race who still live.


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