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    Korin is an immortal cat that lives at the top of Korin Tower below Kami's Lookout. Korin trained Master Roshi as well as Goku after his defeat of Mercenary Tao. He continues to help Goku and his friends throughout the series by growing Senzu beans.

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    Korin is a legendary martial artists having built up his status over 800 years. He leaves alone at the top of Korin Tower, below Kami's lookout. He is noteworthy as he grows Senzu Beans and is the keeper of the Sacred Water.His first student was a young Master Roshi himself, who after climbing his tower spent three years in an effort to catch Korin, who after catching him was allowed to drink the Sacred Water. After learning of the legend of Korin and the Sacred Water, and his own defeat at the hands of Mercenary Tao, Goku climbs the tower to drink the water and become strong enough to avenge the death of Bora. Goku then begins his training to try and catch Korin, with Korin becoming more impressed with his increasing strength and his moral code. Goku then successfully captures the Sacred Water on the third day, with Korin revealing it to be tap water and the true strength increased came from his constant training.

    He once again crosses paths with Goku after the boy is severely injured in a battle with King Piccolo,and is carried to his tower by Yajirobe. He then sends Goku and Yajirobe to the location of the Ultra Divine Water, which increases Goku's power by a large amount. Following the defeat of King Piccolo, Korin informs Goku of Kami the creator of the Dragon Balls, and urges him to use his Power Pole to travel to his lookout.

    Korin's role is diminished in Dragon Ball Z with him typically giving Senzu Beans to the Z Fighters and spending the majority of his time with Yajirobe. He is responsible for healing Goku after he is confined to bed following his battle with Vegeta, giving him a Senzu Bean healing him quickly.Goku later visits him after his training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to show him his newly acquired power and have him compare it to Cell. He then only appears to give Senzu Beans to Goku and his friends, and is later killed by Buu along with the rest of the population, but revived by the Dragon Balls.

    Powers and Abilities

    Korin is incredibly fast when compared to other early Dragon Ball characters, but is overshadowed as the story goes on. He also has demonstrated the ability to read a person's mind.


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