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Kordax is still spoken of in hushed tones by the citizens of Atlantis. Born to Queen Cora of Poseidonis but abandoned at birth due to his grotesque green scaled body, Kordax survived in the ocean thanks to his mental control over sea creatures. As an adult he returned to Atlantis leading and army of sharks in a failed bid for the throne. His punishment included the loss of his left hand (replaced with a sword) and banishment. Kordax's legend survived an Atlantean superstition regarding blonde hair, referred to as the "curse of Kordax." Many ages later, Kordax returned when Poseidonian refugees disturbed his exile in the tunnels beneath the city of Tritonis. Defeated by Aquaman, Kordax fell on his own sword rather than live with the shame.

Powers and Abilities

Kordax is more powerful than normal Atlanteans, due to his heritage.


Kordax possesses telepathy powerful enough to match Aquaman. When the two fought they released a psychic wave so powerful that it caused pain to every living aquatic creature on Earth. He was even able to mind-control the entire population of the city of Poseidonis, including taking control of Aquaman's son Koryak.

Atlantean Physiology (Evolved)

Kordax has greater superhuman powers than most Atlanteans, due to his royal bloodline and the fact that he was more evolved than any other Atlantean.

He has the ability to breathe underwater, possesses superhuman durability, and is strong enough to be invulnerable to gun fire. He also possesses superhuman strength. He is Hydrodynamic and able to swim and navigate to the waters at high speeds with ease. He can also sea and hear without trouble at the bottom of the ocean.

Long Lifespan

Kordax has a lifespan that extends to thousands of years.

Sword Hand

As punishment for his crimes against Atlantis, Kordax had his left hand removed by his mother, the queen. He replaced it with a sword of Atlantean origin. The Sword-Hand is durable enough to deflect Atlantean weaponry and pierce Atlantean armor. Kordax is very skilled with it, to the point he can take on and defeat multiple Atlantean soldiers at the same time, being born and partially raised in the warrior oriented Atlantean society.


Kordax also possesses amazing and unnatural reflexes. He was able to deflect projectiles with his sword hand and even cause bullets to ricochet back at their shooter.


Kordax has natural leadership skills. Twice he has managed to rally large forces against the Atlantean establishment, and proved to be a capable leader. He is also quite cunning having used the knowledge of his surroundings to his advantage and set traps to defeat his opponents.


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