K.O.R.D. Incorporated

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    Kord Omniversal Research and Development Incorporated (K.O.R.D. Inc.) is the scientific company started by Ted Kord's (Blue Beetle) father Thomas Kord.

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    History of the Company

    K.O.R.D. Inc. headquarters is in Chicago, Illinois and was started by Thomas Kord. Years later his son Ted Kord. took over the company and used an underground base for his Blue Beetle lair at the same location. While Ted was C.E.O. his girlfriend Melody Case was a scientist along with an old family friend Jeremiah Duncan. Melody would later practically run the company because Ted was too busy being Blue Beetle. She never knew about his secret identity and scolded him countless times and would even through major fits throwing and knocking over things over it. K.O.R.D. Inc works closely with S.T.A.R. Labs on several different occasions.


    Thomas Kord - Thomas is the founder and first C.E.O. of the company.

    Ted Kord - Ted inherited the company after college. It was an albatross around Thomas' neck and Ted turned it into one of the most successful research companies in the world. He worked primarily in the Chicago branch

    Melody Case - Melody started out as a scientist in the company but later ran the company for Ted. She was also Ted's girlfriend for a period of time.

    Jeremiah Duncan - Head scientist of the company. Jeremiah worked for the company with Thomas Kord and later with Ted. He is a dear friend of the Kord family

    Angela Revere - Is the secretary for Ted Kord and takes care of many things for him. Angela was forced to steal from K.O.R.D. by her uncle who was Chronos the time thief. She was not fired for the incident.

    Curt Calhoun - Curt worked in the factory at the Chicago branch of K.O.R.D. industries when he was injured by an accident that turned him in Prometheus.


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