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    Korak is the son of Tarzan. Korak is the ape word for Killer, for which he was named because of the beserker way he kills. In the comics, Korak has his own adventures in Africa, occasionally teaming up with Tarzan but more often doing Tarzan-like things on his own.

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    Gold Key Comics published Korak, Son of Tarzan #1-45 from January, 1964 to January, 1972. It featured work by Russ Manning, Warren Tufts, Dan Spiegle, and others.

    DC Comics continued the series from #46-59 (June, 1972 to Sept-Oct, 1974), when it was renamed Tarzan Family. Both series also included other Burroughs' characters.

    Korak's real name is Jack Clayton. He was a young boy in England, living with his parents and he had no idea that his father was the famous Tarzan. His mother Jane did not allow any form of wild things because she was afraid that he would be like his father. Some evil men who hated Tarzan kidnapped Jack and took him to Africa to kill him and send the body as a message to Tarzan, but with the help of a great ape, Jack escaped and learned the ways of the wild from this great ape who liked the look of Jack because it reminded it of Tarzan. Years later Korak was reunited with his parents on the plains of Africa. He still liked to go into the wilds of the jungle, but Korak will admit that Tarzan is the better person in the jungle. Where Tarzan likes to use more primitive weapons, Korak is not above using modern weapons like guns. In Tarzan the Terrible, Tarzan and Korak are both searching for Jane and Korak uses a rifle to kill the kidnapper of Jane at the end of the search to save both Jane and Tarzan.


    Korak is the son of Tarzan and Jane Porter, created by Edgar Rice Burroughs, he debuted in the novel The Eternal Lover (1913). Korak appears in the 1920 movie serial The Son of Tarzan, portrayed by Gordon Griffith (child) and Kamuela C. Searle (adult).

    Boy was created for the series of films starring Johnny Weissmuller, he was not the biological son of Tarzan and Jane and was the true heir of Lord Greystoke, Boy was played by Johnny Sheffield.

    In Dell Comics published in the 1950s, the name Boy was used, however, later the character was called Korak.


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