korak225's Korak, Son of Tarzan #35 - The Slave Of El-Ghazi review

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    Korak GK35

    Dan Spiegle’s artwork is very good in this issue. In addition to providing his usual fan service by being a walking shirtless scene, Korak becomes a dude in distress in this story. While attempting to rescue his ape friend Akut from a cage, Korak is discovered by slave traders. The insufficiently stealthy jungle boy is shot by a bullet, which luckily only grazed his head, rendering him unconscious. The slave traders put the youth in a cage to be sold as a slave. In this story, Korak comes across as a handsome boy scout in a leopard-skin loincloth. He has a good heart that propels him into action, often impetuously. Fortunately, he has strength, agility, and intelligence to back it up. In this story, after surviving a shipwreck, he helps another survivor find and rescue his son from enslavement by a sultan.

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