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    Korak GK28

    Dan Spiegle’s artwork is pretty good in this issue. In addition to providing his usual fan service by being a walking shirtless scene, Korak becomes a dude in distress in this story. Sleeping in a strange island without taking turns on guard, Korak and his friend Ahkut awake to find themselves surrounded by an army of miniature men. The men shoot multiple, tiny poisonous arrows into the pair’s legs, numbing them and rendering them unuseable. The miniature men sentence them to their choice of being shot with more arrows, of starving in a pit, or of leaving the island. In this story, Korak comes across as a handsome boy scout in a leopard-skin loincloth. He has a good heart that propels him into action, often impetuously. Fortunately, he has strength, agility, and intelligence to back it up. In this story, he rescues an archaeologist and his daughter from being starved in a pit and saves a society of miniature men from a giant bear.

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