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Personal History

Pre-Great Crusade

Kor Phaeron is the first person that find Lorgar after Logar was tore from the grasp of the Emperor of Mankind. He raised him as his own son, and turned him into a religious person. After his son got a vision of the Emperor in golden armor and repel the old religion on Colchis. He supported him in the rebellion and took over the capital before the arrival of the Emperor.

Great Crusade

After the desent of the Emperor on Colchis, Lorgar became the Primarch of the XVII Legion "Word Bearers", and Kor was transformed into a Faux-Astartes, since his old age prevent him to go through the standard transition procedure. As the step-father and mentor of Lorgar, him acted as a spiritual leader of the Legion, Bringing the belief of the God-Emperor to conquered worlds. Until the Emperor ordered the Ultramarines to destroy one of their holy city and force the legion to kneel. After that, The Word Bearers began to look for new gods to worship and finally find the Dark Gods of Chaos in Cadia, before the eye of Terror and planed their sinister campaign to overthrow the Imperium of Man.

Horus Heresy

With Erebus successfully turned Horus against his father. The Word Bearer allied themselves with a group of Renegade Legions. Kor Phaeron was ordered to go the Calth and eliminate the Ultramarines and its Primarch for both vengeance ans combat tactic. The assault on Calth was eventually repeled by the Ultramarines, Kor Phaeron had his heart torn out by Robeute Guiliman, the Primarch of Ultramarines. Although He managed to left and survive, he finally lost his flagship Infidus Imperator and fled to the Eye of Terror with the aid of the Dark Gods.


Since the Heresy and in the absence of Lorgar as a force in the XVIIt Legion, as he pursues communion with the Chaos Gods, Kor Phaeron has often engaged in a power struggle with First Chaplain Erebus for control over the direction of the Legion. Concerned that Erebus has too much sway over the Dark Council and that he is leading the Legion down a self-destructive path, Phaeron tried to organise the secretive cabal within the Word Bearers Legion known as the The Brotherhood to remove Erebus from power, but the Dark Apostle was tipped off about the attempted coup by the Dark Apostle Marduk. Kor Phaeron then renounced all ties to The Brotherhood and kept his position of leadership within the Legion, but the animosity and distrust between the Black Cardinal and Erebus has only intensified.

Kor Phaeron's whereabouts are currently unknown, but the multitudes of Chaos Cults and uprisings around the Maelstrom lead many to believe that Kor Phaeron may have survived the Horus Heresy, and continues to spread the faith and message of Chaos Undivided to the present day.

Character and Traits

To Lorgar, Kor is a curing and wise father, but actually, he is very cunning and have been manipulating Lorgar to gain control over Colchis and the Word Bearers.

Power and Abilities

As a Faux-Astartes, Kor Phaeron has similar traits common to Space Marines, but to a much weaker degree. He possess superhuman strength and endurance. After falling to Chaos, he gained the ability to manifest the power of the Warp by casting various spells. However, according to the Horus Heresy wargame Codex, he is non-psyker. Living in the eye of Terror and being a favorite of the Dark Gods grated him immortality.


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