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Koneko Toujou is a petite 15 year old girl attending Kuoh Academy as a First year student. She exhibits a stoic personality which makes her appear as though she has a robot like personality.

She serves in Rias Gremory's peerage as Rook and the one who enacts the most violent punishment to Issei whenever he is acting perverted.


Human Form

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Koneko is a small and petite fifteen year old girl normally seen wearing the Kuoh Academy's Uniform. Contrary to popular belief though small in stature Koneko does not fit the loli stereotype.

She exhibits the following features:

  • Eyes - Golden Hazel Yellow.
  • Hair - Silver in color with length reaching down to her shoulder. Her hair is always adorned by a clip resembling that of a black cat.
  • Breast Size - Issei always say that she is a work in progress often leading to a violent beating.

She is petite in appearance yet in spite of this, she exhibits monster like strength.

When fighting, she wears a pair of gloves with a cat paw print.

Devil/Nekomata Form

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Devil Form - no noticeable difference in her human form besides the bat-like wings on her back.

Nekomata Form -In Nekomata Form, she grows two pairs of cat ears and a tail.


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Koneko is introduced as an emotionless character based on her facial expression commonly referred to as a kuudere. This trait gives her a cool personality and makes her seem unfriendly and hard to approach. At first, she is the only member of the Occult Research Club who hated and insulted Issei for his perverted acts. As she begins to warm-up and fall in love with Issei, she starts to show a variety of facial expression befitting a normal individual.

Koneko snapping in envy of Rias' breast.
Koneko snapping in envy of Rias' breast.

She does not like people calling her a midget, vertically challenged, or flat (with reference to her chest size). There was a time when Koneko snapped because of envy with regard to her team mate's breast size.

Power and Abilities

Super Human Strength

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Despite her petite figure, Koneko possesses super human strength which is standard for someone with the rank of Rook. She can easily lift things that are many times her own weight without struggling. Her punches can decimate a building with little effort.

Super Human Durability

Along with her strength, she also posses super human durability as a Rook. She is able to withstand attacks that would normally incapacitate ordinary devils like; such as being hit with attacks imbued with holy properties like a spear of light from a fallen angel.

Media Appearance

Video Games

High School DXD 3DS "Erotic Battle Adventure Game"

High School DXD Card Game

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