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    The most annoying stuffed hero to walk the world, Kon always has something to say.

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    Kon is a Modified Soul, or Kaizo Konpaku. In his first form that was ever seen he resembles a spherical Pez candy. That is until he is consumed by Ichigo, then he inhabits Ichigo's body until he is removed by Rukia or someone else with a means of seperating souls from bodies. After his first adventures in Ichigo's body the gang finds a new body for the loud mouthed personality to inhabit, a stuffed animal lion. In this body Kon is a tan-ish lion doll with short triangular fingerd and mane. His mouth is a lighter beige and at one different times he has various "accessories", like a flower on his ear or a cross stitched into the back of his "scalp."


    Kon pretty much has a very easily described personality: annoying, perverted, and loud. The little guy tends to run off at the mouth a lot, usually resulting in him getting stepped on, or chased. When Kon isn't running his mouth he usually has one goal,, hooking up with a beautiful woman. Kon has an obsession with meeting the right lady and finding his "paradise" with her (pretty easy to know what he means when you realize he stares at women's chest a lot.) Occassionally Kon does show a nobler side, puting his pride and own self in harms way to help others.

    Involvment in Bleach

    *Random Stories at the Series Onset*

    The first time Kon is introduced is in his own introductory story line. When Rukia realizes that she may not alway be around to help Ichigo escape his body to fight Hollows she does the first thing that comes to mind, find a new means to get Ichigo out of his body. Rukia pays a visit to the Urahara Shop ,owned by Kisuke Urahara, and orders a Soul Candy dispenser. The item is a common looking Pez despenser with a duck head at the top and the words Soul Candy, Gikongan in Japan, emblazed on the side. Inside of the dispenser is a small candy that Ichigo had to ingest whenever he needs to turn Soul Reaper. The first time that Ichigo eats the candy he meets a nice and overly friendly personality that is only too eager to cover for him while he runs about. Shortly after leaving the Mod Soul behind though, Kon starts to act up. It turns out that Kon is one of the last experimental Mod Souls that was suppose to be returned to the Soul Society so that he can be destroyed. There happens to be a few problems problem with the Mod Souls as it turns out. One is that they all have strange personalities that tend to get in the way of their purpose. Another is that the Mod Souls have to remove a soul from it's body or inhabit an already empty body, realizing the problems that this would createthe Soul Society deauthorizes the project and it's products. For reasons unknown Kon's batch of Mod Souls was shipped and recalled, but never made it back before it was accidentally given to Rukia. It is explained also that these Mod Souls do have the benifit of having hieghtened strengths depending on their uses. It turns out Kon's strength is in his legs. Kon demonstrates this by kicking a massive dent into a barrier at the edge of on of the school tracks before running off to find some more fun. The first thing that Kon does is jump from the ground to a second or third story window to find people who would be amazed by his shows of stregnth. However Kon finds himself in the last place he should be, the class room that all the female class mates of Ichigo eat at. Instantly Kon begins to look for the prettiest one, and spots Orihime. Love struck Kon begins to hit on Orihime, but is stopped by Tatsuki (one of the schools best martial artist.) Not to be stopped Kon states that Tatsuki is kind of cute, and gives her a kiss. The instant he does this all hell breaks lose and tatsuki begins to throw desk and whatever else she can get at Kon. As he runs around the room Ichigo and Rukia return to the chaos of the classroom. Before they can get Kon back into his body he makes a run and jumps out the window that Ichigo is standing by. The two chase after him and have to stop chasing him to find a Hollow. While resting after his chase Kon stops by a school yard where three young boys are skipping gym to play video games. The boys are complaining that their characters aren't strong enough and end up bragging as they delete them. Upset by the kids cold and careless comments and actions Kon smashes their game. He then begins to contemplate how he had just missed the same fate as the video game character, but was luck enough to escape being erased. About this time a Hollow appears at the school wanting to attack the easy prey that the kids present themselves as. Kon sees it and attacks, trying to protect the kids from being eatten. Ichigo and Rukia show up in time to kill the Hollow, but Kon keeps attacking. Angry that the Mod Soul put his body in the way of danger Ichigo begins to yell at Kon. When Ichigo asks why Kon wouldn't stop he sees a small line of ants and realizes that Kon stopped the Hollow's body from crushing them. Kon finally shows his inner nobility and explains that he doesn't ever want to see anything ever get killed.

    *A New Body and Some New Adventures*

    Shortly after the Hollow is defeated Kisuke and his team show up to retrieve the Mod Soul, but Rukia refuses to let them take it back after hearing about the soul's anguish inside the candy. Ichigo and Rukia then set out to find Kon a new body. At first they try to find an animal to put the soul in, but don't want to kill one, and can't find a cat on the side of the road either. Finally they decide to try a stuffed animal that they find instead. The two are surprised to find that it works, but are annoyed to find that Kon gains all his annoying personality traits too. Ichigo is awoken the next morning by Kon and begins to worry that he may bave made a mistake.

    #Memories In the Rain#

    While Ichigo and his family set out to spend the day at the graveyard to visit their mother's grave Kon and Rukia tag along to make sure there are now Hollows. After Rukia confronts Ichigo about the possibility that his mother may have been killed by a Hollow Rukia decides that she may have chosen the wrong time to talk to Ichigo about it. As her and Kon are about to leave the graveyard Rukia gets a notice from the Soul Society that a Hollow is inbound on the cemetary. Rukia leaves to find Ichigo, who is already on his way to find her. Rukia seperates ichigo's soul from his body and realizes that she can't carry his body and help him, so she forces Kon to release from the stuffed animal and take over Ichigo's body. Rukia helps to move Ichigo's sisters back to a shrine while it rains and then debates as to if she is gonna go to help Ichigo or not. Kon finally begs on his hands and knees for Rukia to help Ichigo. Rukia pleads with Kon to stop begging, but kon insist that if Rukia doesn't help Ichigo then he will have to live with Ichigo's family if she doesn't help Ichigo. Rukia finally takes off and leaves Kon in Ichigo until the battle is over.

    *More Randomness in Kon's life*

    After the cemetary adventure Kon decides that he is misunderstood and under appreciated by Rukia and Ichigo. Kon decides to run away to find a girl who will love him and, this is kinda weird for a guy who have stuffing for his inside I know, take baths with him. Kon wanders out of the Kurosaki clinic and finds his way to a park where he sees Orihime and Tatsuki. Kon feels this is the best time to get Orihime's attention and runs down to act like a lost stuffed animal so she will take him home. Unfortunately Orihime and Tatsuki are playing a new hybrid game that Orihime created. Kon is slammed by a soccer ball, which is kicked by Tatsuki using her Dragon Bazooka Kick, and then Kon is sent flying from the park as Orihime crushes the ball using a baseball bat. Finding himself far away and still in need of a new Home Kon notices a cluster of other girls from Ichigo's school walking down the street. Kon unleashes his originaly scheme and falls just infront of the girls, acting like a lost stuffed animal. Kon's plan is foiled though as Ryo steps on him. Kon cries out and realizes that he has made a mistake. Ryo and the others decide to try and catch him so that they can use him to make money. Kon jumps up and runs from the girls, only to have Ryo take off after him, bragging about her speed as she is the school's fastest track runner. As Kon passes one corner he unintentionally catches the attention of Chad, who loves cute objects. kon manages to lose the two of them somehow and returns to the clinic, where he collapses from exhaustion. Kon is saved as Yuzu opens the door and sees Kon. Kon thinks that he is saved and begins to enjoy his pampering as Yuzu bath hims and takes him to her room. That is until Yuzu begins dressing him as a girl and sticky glues a flower to his ear. Kon eventually makes his way back to Ichigo's room where he is finds out that neither of Rukia or Ichigo have missed him. They do however attempt to remove the flower and nearly tear off his ear.

    *Quincy Archer and Battle of the Rubicon*

    When Ichigo gets involved in a battle the Quincy Archer Uryu Ishida Kon does what he does best, get in the way and does nothing to help. While Ichigo is running around trying to find and defend his family from the Hollows Kon is sent out to get Rukia's locator. Kon eventually finds Rukia and instead of getting locator Kon tries to "snuggle" with Rukia, who puts him in a submission lock. When Uryu finds the two he destroys the Hollow they were fighting. Ichigo shows up to settle the score... with Kon. Ichigo and Uryu end up finishing their battle against the Hollows while Kon recovers from a knee to the groin.

    *Soul Society Arc.*

    Kon isn't seen much while Ichigo and his friends are out in the Soul Society, but he is seen briefly before they leav. Ichigo finds Kon taped to the back of the toilet after Rukia runs off, complaining about what he had to endure while stuck to the back of the toilet. Kon is eventually placed in Ichigo's body while Ichigo goes to save Rukia. Kon gets upset and throws his stuffed animal body, only to gently pick it up and return to Ichigo's bed.


    Kon doesn't have much as far as powers go, but he does excel in one area, leg strength. Kon is a Mod Soul that was programmed to have super strength in his legs, which gives him several other abilities. Kon can use his leg strength to kick his enemies with enough strength to destroy a Hollow. He also uses his strength to jump to inhuman hieghts, actually jumps high enough to get into a second and third story window. Kon even uses his leg's strength to run well beyond the speed that most people can move at, outrunning a high school track star in a stuffed animal body.


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