What will happen to him now

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I ne the latest issue of teen titans issue 12 Superboy left f the Titans again he explained some shit that he can't feel anything and is just a weapon which I think is bullshit. But at the same time this opens many doors for his story but how wil ve fix this where will he be now will he be a Hero or a Weapon

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Emotionless weapon and a murderer,I can't be more pissed.he wears the S shield,he needs to about optimism and being a hero not this crap.

Hopefully he is just doing and saying all this to get Harvest,and not actual the reality of the situation.

Maybe we can get another kon/superboy seeing as though it was stated he was "harvest's superboy"

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Lobdell has pretty much ruined post flashpoint superboy at this point. Maybe he'll get a better depiction under a better writer.

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Aaarrrgggg i am so mad that they made him emotionless weapon. Fire lobdell and give totan to some decent writer

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Either comeback as the ultimate inside way to finally stop Harvest for good,or make him Match,and have a new kon created from cadmus/lex who is fun,over confident,and only wants to be a hero.

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