Tactile Telekinesis or Telekinesis?

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What is the difference between these two? As far as I had believed this power only could be used in the past when Superboy actually was in physical contact with something.

Now in the New 52 Superboy appears to be a full telekinetic. I'm not quite sure what the difference between his power set and someone like Hellions is.

Is there anyone who is more knowledgable about this topic able to enlighten me?

(Only the NEW Superboy in the NEW 52 please...not the old one)

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I believe the idea of tactile telekinesis is that Superboy can create a field around himself in which he can sense and manipulate things. However, he has no power outside that field.

There are both advantages and disadvantages compared to traditional telekinesis. Tactile telekinesis seems to be much more powerful but lack the range of traditional telekinesis.

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you're going to have to get some info about the old Superboy to understand this

Superboy started out with just tactile telekinesis and it was very limited....he could touch machines and telekinetically disassemble them...now by expanding that field around his body he was able to mimic Superman's invulnerability, superstrength and flight....as his natural kryptonian abilities started to develop he started using his TK abilities less and less to the point where after his death and return he stopped using them altogether...when Superman asked him why he stated that he wanted to be like Superman and since Superman didn't have those abilities then he wouldn't use them...Superman convinced him otherwise and he started using them again and it seemed that they had developed from just tactile to full blown TK...he once used his TK to completely engulf Parasite in grains of wheat from the field that they were fighting in

now in the New 52 they seem to have changed his origins and powers a bit...he now has what appears to be full blown telekinesis which again mimics Superman's flight, super strength and invulnerability...though the invulnerability is no longer passive...meaning that if you're able to sneak up on him and attack him then he's just as vulnerable to that attack as anyone else

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I've noticed this too. Now all of his powers seem to spring from his telekinesis, which I'm actually okay with. He's like some sort of telekinetic brawler instead of a long-range TKer, which is how Cable has been written at times (certainly the run where he had the scimitar). Even before the DCnU reboot, they seemed to be stretching Conner's TK beyond just touch, such as in Johns' Teen Titans arc, "Titans of Tomorrow," which introduced the whole "touchdown" takedown where Superboy (in this case, Kon El as Superman) looks at you and blasts you to the ground.

They even specifically mention that he can create telekinetic "fields," not requiring touch:

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just what is EXACTLY is his powers now in the New 52? i know of the old one but the current series is starting to be dragging. one momen he's invunerable then the second not. the portrayal of his powers, i think will be revealed when wh are told of WHAT is he EXACTLY... its just taking too damn long...

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I like how he uses his telekinesis in the new 52. Understanding what people are saying in another room by feeling the vibration of their voices on the glass separating the rooms. That's badass.

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I am really enjoying how they are portraying his powers in the new 52. I also like his inner monologue...he will most defintley not be just a mini superman.

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I'd like to know if Lex is still his human donor.

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@brit superboy is a full telekinetic now in the new 52. He has just as fine control over it as major tk users we have seen in marvel but he is still learning how to control it. He brought a whole building down while unconscious. He was also able to lift 7 people in the air with ease while questioning them why they were bothering him. He has been seen to lift 3 tons without the use of his tk as well. The people in charge of nowhere state that his powers are growing everyday.

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From what Ive seen, they said in the N52 superboy that he has tactile, but Superboy himself explained that by touching the floor he could detect other people touching the floor as well. So, he may have tactile TK but his mind field around himself is capable of detecting objects/people that are touching something that the field is also touching (like the floor)

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Super boy's electromagnetic field just has more influence then others like any other kryptoian. Any other person could have hes Powers its just comic writers are dumb sometimes.

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Tactile TK=you have to touch an object to manipulate it with your telekinesis.

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I like his new TK powers.

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Tactile telekinesis - superman level TK that can perceive and manipulate everything.

Thats what it means now

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@kingofmadcows: The tactile telekinesis is a combat oriented, condition enhancing power. It increases his physical powers by granting him a superhuman physique similar to superman as well as other powers including flight, seismic sensing,blasts, shield and most powerful one of all, the disassembly, which instead of altering or bending any objects he touches into utterly destroying it by severing its bonds. The way he uses his power is similar to the jedi and the sith from star wars, except for the part, he has no lightsabers or lightning coming from his hands.

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