Should we now call this Kon-El,instead of Superboy?

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Jon is now Superboy,and kon is ready and in need of a "next step".

So should we call the comicvine page kon-el or Conner Kent,so it is more specific.

Btw if I had my way kon would be closer to his young justice version in look and personality(season 2 mostly).have a fractured kryptonian powerset of close to 50% power levels like Morrison's action comics #1 had,but let his TTK make the difference,make it consciously controlled,not automatic,have him use it like the kesel TTK was,in all its fun ways to be used,then add touch tactile senses like new 52 kon had.

Kon is not the son of Superman,or heir apparent,what he is,is humans attempt to recreate god(Superman),and that should be his stchick,n it the son or heir thing

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