Potential applications for his tk

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In the comics (specially the new 52 ones) he uses his (tactile) telekinesis or ttk for various trick that sometimes look like totally new super powers. So I ask you guys, what other tricks he could, in theory, pull off?

Could he fuse atoms to create an atomic explosion, could he redirect the solar radiation inside his body to increase his powers or heal himself faster,make constructs with the air around him, manipulate matter at different levels

What could he do?

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Depends on his TK limits.

But if we ignore limits, then well possibilities are truly limitless, it would be limited only by Superboy's skill, knowledge and power.

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I like that the new 52 Kon was a TK beast,but I don't like and never did like that his TK was called TTK,but clearly was full on TK,when imo Kon should "only" have tactile TK.that gives him a limit,and makes it more physical feeling,but still lets him do everything he did in his 1st series and the new 52,just by contact.

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@stephens2177: It's called ttk because it's "tactile" it allows him to touch and probe objects and get the sensory information back, it's like he has invisible tendrils or antennae

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He has to make some form of physical contact,thats why it's called tactile TK.the new 52 kon had full hand waving TK,but also had tactile.

A Reborn kon should ONLY have tactile TK,it's insanely versatile and with Young Justice like physical might,and kesels original had heat vision and super hearing potential in his future.more than enough power imo.

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