I want Kon/Conner back,and this way....

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He is a clone of superman and lex Luthor,created at Cadmus by Luthor to be his personal super puppet.say the TT/YJ of Tim,Cassie,Bart,kaldur,Megan,Jaime,and Virgil (my dream TT team) freed him before he could be implanted with code words.

Make his powers like this- say his strength!speed!and durability is equal to a teen kryptonian of his age,BUT his more advanced powers were all mutated because of the human DNA.now his flight has mutated into TK,his super senses has mutated into TK senses(scan in 3D/texture),and his heat vision was mutated to where he can control the direction of the beam now(like earth 2 evil superman can).

Define tactile telekinesis as anything his TK touches or touches his TK he can perceive or manipulate.

Either wear second season YJ look or Brett Booths redesign but with the black and red flipped on the shirt.

Super smart,great tactician,but also enjoys being alive and being a hero.looks up to superman,fights a lot with Kara,and never backs down from a fight.

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Miss pre 52 Conner

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I would take parts from all the versions and make a cool new version myself.

Gravity base physical powers,TTK field around his body to manipulate and perceive things it touches.

Look like t shirt and jeans version,plus black fingerless gloves,WITH a black or brown leather jacket.

New to the world,but wanting to be a hero.cocky and over confident,very smart and able to think his way out of situations besides just punching his way out (even though he likes to do that).

He should have fun over the top adventures,and get into lots of trouble,all the while learning to be a part of the real world.

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They just need to do some kind of time travel story, reboot their continuity, and then never mention again what they did to the Teen Titans or any one related to them.

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@stephens2177: If they can circle around to the beginning and stop N.O.W.H.E.R.E. from ever happening, it'd be effectively like a reboot. That version of Superboy wouldn't have been made, you'd effectively be able to go back to Red Robin before he became a total douchebag. There'd be questions like "If it never happened, how did that affect how the events of 'the Death of the Family' and 'H'el on Earth' went?" But I think that's the kind of sacrifice that the fans can live with.

You'd be able to relaunch the book with basically the Young Justice pilot, because we've already seen in Forever Evil with Bizarro that Lex Luthor is trying to make Superman clones. All we need is a, "Perhaps if I added human DNA to the formula that we used for Bizarro, we'd have better success. Who better than me? Lex Luthor?" And boom, you've got Superboy. Cassie would have never met Red Robin and had the events she had, so you could just have her pop up in Wonder Woman or something to develop her character a bit better and that just leaves sorting out Kid-Flash, so why not use the Wally West that is about to appear in the Flash series? Suddenly we're right where we wanna be.

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@captaintightpants12: it would be great if the TT in the last issue of their book was able to stop Harvest from time traveling at all,no JLK,no NOWHERE,no Culling,no anything connected to Harvest.

I like the YJ4,and I would hate for any if them to get brushed under the rug myself,even though I bet Wally is going to be a teen again,and be the new kid flash.hope we get a real Bart Allen from the future who is a grandson of Barry and connected to the speedforce and is called Impulse.

And a kon/Conner who was created by lex at Cadmus labs to be luthors personal SUPER.the existing YJere could free him early,and he could have a kryptonians solar battery powers mutated into TTK powers,he could have to conscious control them,that way you can he has a golden age like physical body,and his TK can sense things and make him as powerful as a kryptonian with different strengths and weaknesses.

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@stephens2177: what about this look:


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No Caption Provided

I really really like this look,only things I would change would be to make his hair more like YJ kons hair or 2nd supersuit original Kon series hair,and make sure he is a big kid, superman is 6'3" so a clone designed to look exactly like him even at a young age should be a lil bigger than average kids.not to mention I want a lil older Kon myself

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