How Superboy's powers work

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He is NOT a solar battery,he DOES NOT have any kryptonian powers(besides a fast metabolism),but he doesn't need to sleep,or eat,just like other kryptonians do.instead his body is its own power source,it creates its own power to fuel his tactile telekinesis.this I suppose is kinda like how the Hulk or Damage create their own power,and can keep becoming as powerful as their triggers allow(hulks being anger,superboys being his mind).this will allow him to be anywhere in the universe and still have his full power,unless a kryptonian,who's power will fade away as they move away from a yellow sun over time.his power is also different in that he has to think about using his powers to use them,even to protect himself,unlike a kryptonians which is always on.this could be because of being a hybrid,being created under a yellow sun,his powers working from his mind,or because he is part human,as a reminder that he is not all kryptonian,and still part human.kryptonite does not hurt him in the slightest,only his own concentration is a weakness to him.

So that's how they work,not the actual TTK uses,but how he is powered,and different than kryptonians

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Bump for consistency in posts lol

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