How powerful should kon-el be?

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Poll: How powerful should kon-el be? (18 votes)

Weaker than a kryptonian 22%
Equal to a kryptonian 39%
More powerful than a kryptonian 39%

This goes with my other thread,cause you need to set the power level you want him to be to set a powerset for him,and vice versa.

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#1 Posted by stephens2177 (1396 posts) - - Show Bio

Was anybody who voted above pick full kryptonian and full TK on my other thread? I was wondering what powerset would work with your answers?

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#2 Posted by stephens2177 (1396 posts) - - Show Bio

If "your" ideal version of Superboy got dropped on a planet where all the kryptonians were powered how would he fair against the kids his age IMO?

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Actually Kon-El should have his own set of powers. He might even gain some kryptonian powers like the physical stuff, strenght, resistance, stamina, and hightned senses (but only has seeing and hearing goes, no EM spectrum vision and hearing).

He's basicaly a hybrid and has such he should have parts of both donours, Kryptonian and Human, but also be something that's also appart, different.

He already has full TK and sensory TK, they could add the parts that I already mentioned above and keep with that.

Giving him full kryptonian powers would make no sense genetically speaking. Has you bond two strains of single helix dna into one unique doble helix strain of dna, the result that combination produces, doesn't necessarily makes him better than the donours, in fact scientific research has shown that most of the times there are things that get lost in the union of both strands. Mostly because of genetic compatibility.

When we are dealing with simple transgenics, then we can add things that makes that strand of dna better and more effectic, which isn't the case with Kon-El. They didn't added specific human genes to a kryptonian dna, they spliced to strands of dna into one.

So if you'd ask me if he should be has powerful or more powerful than a full kryptonian. My answer is No. At best he should be close to kryptonian potential but never nearly has powerful has one.

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His TTK is that unique thing about him that only happened because of the merged DNA,but him being physically at YJ tv show or golden age levels of kryptonian power is what he should keep from being part Supes,the rest made up for by his TTK,which if you think of it long enough you can find a way to mimic all supermans powers and give him more at the same time,and that's even if he isn't in the same weight class physically as full kryptonians

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