How Powerful Is Superboy's TK?

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From my understanding, DCNU Superboy does not have to touch something to lift it as did nineties Superboy, yet I do not recall him using his telekinesis away from his body very often. The only time I can think of for sure is when he grabbed Kid Flash in Teen Titans. I've only read Teen Titans. Has Superboy used TK very much in his own title?

Specifically, I would like to know how much he can lift, how long is his range, and can he use his telekinesis to life multiple objects at once. Any answers?

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It's enough to put a hurtin on Supergirl.

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I was under the impression that for DCnU-Superboy to telekinetically lift an object, he has to have touched it once, but does not have to maintain direct contact with it to control it.  Can't help you with the rest (at the moment, anyway).

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It hasn't really been said but he's been using it like crazy and it seems pretty effective. He uses it a lot and that like, all he uses too so it must be pretty good. 

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Strong enough to pull off Wondergirls armor which is held to her body by spikes e_o

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no he doesnt need to touch somethijg for his full TK to work,and yes it can push or actually hurt supergirl.

his powers are-

mimicked strength,flight speed,invulnerability,now at actual kryptonian level.

classic TTK tricks still possible,even if we havent seen them yet.

full TK

tactile sensory ability

genetic memory


quite possibly a mental defense against attacks against his mind,like Kiva did,maybe genetic in nature idk.

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His TK powers are actually nice.

I'd hope superman actually gain TK as his classic power sets even if he knows the solar flare now,

is kind of bland.

You know all those times superman became angry and looks like he is about to turn super saiyan,

he would just speed blitz the person he is fighting...

but if he had TK he could really do some destructive techniques, and since it's psychic, the damage and the techniques could be endless...

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Superman imo will never move to far away from his basic well known powerset.sure he might use one of his abilities in a interesting way he hasn't done before,but Superman is one of those characters that don't change (or atleast a lot).

Now Kon on the other hand is the one with all the TK potential,tactile I hope,but still endless.

I am a proponent of a 3 tiered powerset for Kon myself.1-1938 1st appearance superman who was strong,durable,fast,and could leap tall buildings,and nothing else,2-tactile telekinesis which is how he moved up to and in some ways over supermans level of strength, durability,speed,and flight,plus a million badass uses that make Kon a threat to anybody,and 3- genetically engineered things like being created to look like supermans perfect twin,have the kryptonite weakness,being a solar battery,and having age appropriate powers of heat vision and super hearing.add those up and he is the Frankenstein pieced together Superman.

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