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If I could tweak things I would have lex kidnap jon from Convergence lois and Clark sometime in the nine years they have been on the planet,and clone him at Cadmus ,with the genetic material he already had of new 52 lois and Clark added to it. Then have Harvest steal Lexs clone superboy and act like he was his all along.

I would have tim,bart,and Cassie break kon out from Cadmus (like kesel original and YJ tv show versions).

He would be way over cocky,but smart as hell,and always wanting to do the right thing,like superman would.

I would make his powers ALL tactile telekinesis,let them grow in power as he ages,as in first when he gets out he uses his TTK to enhance his physical self ( Ala Cable,and looking like YJ tv show kon),with only being able to perceive a few wavelengths (sound and infared),then as he gets older he learns to fly,extend by touch destructive shockwaves and a scan sense that works through touch/feeling,and when he is fully grown he goes all powerful with TK energy he can emit through his eyes,hands,or whole body,plus he can sense the entire world around him like a SUPER antenna.

Being under a yellow sun would ONLY BE a catalyst/or the spark that let's his body power itself (like hulk or any other powerful being).he needs nothing but the power he creates inside himself.

No superman like weakness at all,just concentration for any of his powers,BUT because he creates his own power,he has a natural durability that can protect him from sneak attacks.

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