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Geoff said this about kon on newsarama during Rebirth talk.


It felt like the emotional connection I had with the character broke. I'll tell you a character specifically, and I'll be candid about it: Superboy, Connor Kent."

"One of my favorite characters of all time," Johns continued, "And I had a great time writing him in Teen Titans, and I loved writing him in his solo run [in Adventure Comics]. They reintroduced him in the 'New 52' and he was so different, so vastly changed, that I couldn't connect with the book that well. The emotional tie just severed, and it didn't sever in the way that made me angry, it was worse than that: I had apathy for it. I didn't care anymore."

Connor Kent remains absent from Rebirth, with Jonathan Kent, the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, advertised as Rebirth's Superboy.


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Holy hell, this is a depressing read. New 52 ruined the character so much that Johns stopped caring? I guess I'm just gonna re-read all my pre-flashpoint SB stuff because we probably won't ever see Connor in a positive light again if Johns has given up. I ****ing hate Scott Lobdell for this.

And people wonder why Kon fans are concerned with his absence in Rebirth. =/

Before anyone asks, this is the source for the interview:

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Scott lobdell ruined my favorite character,and DC just stood by and let him do it.

Course if it was me i would start fixing the mess by saying harvest stole kon from lex and changed history completely so no one,not even lex would think about it.

Remember lex put the message in kons mind that dr psycho found.he could have done that before harvest changed history.we need that fixed pronto.

Then we need to have proof that harvest started trying to overlap kons dna with jons to see how to fix him.take the overlap crap away and you have a lex and cadmus clone from supermans dna and a lot of hard work.

When he is fixed then he magically gets pre flashpoint memories,which will make him stronger as a person,and have a strong desire to be a hero.

Oh and fix the powers by making them tactile again,not marvel TK,well besides the tactile senses.

It.could easily be done,someone just have to put a lil effort into it

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DC has the mentatility that you can only have one superboy,which is a crock seeing as there is a million robins,GLs,flash's,atoms,blue beetles,and on and on.kon and jon have NOTHING in common.having powers and using the same name that isnt enough to completely shit out a damn good character like kon.

Besides being in the same family of books both kon and jons stories are totally different and heading totally different directions.

Kon needs a rebirth,he needs harvest and the stench of JLK off of him for good,and he needs to get back to what made him great again,a character ppl cared about.

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They could him just go by Kryptonian name from now on like Mon-El does. They need recton the stupid meaning it was given in New 52 though.

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Well, this is dissapointing

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Scion is the perfect new name for kon,and im waiting for his graduation momemt to a young adult superhero.

If everyone is mad about how.DC treated kon ,then "I" need u all to post more everywhere anybody talks about comics.we need to remond others that kon is cool and badass,and we want him back.

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I came to this forum after looking at this amazing new Titans team image

No Caption Provided

and thought "Is Kon back yet?" now I see that he still isn't around in Rebirth and worse... The only person I would thought could save him has just give up on him.... T-T

Seriously sad news... looking at DC writers right now maybe Brian Buccellato is someone who might care enough to save this character since he always seems to get excited talking about Pre-Flashpoint stuff in comics and knows a lot about DC's history and stuff.

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Lex had a human super clone stashed in Cadmus for awhile now,UNTIL Rebirth opened the eyes to their former lives.the clone started to break free when he started to have memories flood through his mind while in his clone chamber.

At this time tim,(real) bart,cassie,jackson,mgann, break into Cadmus not expecting to find him,but when they free him,instead of fighting them,he says "what took you guys so long".

And thats how you bring him back.

And for god sakes have him have TTK,the real tactile TK as his power,plus being a solar battery plz.

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Geoff Johns ruined him in the first place with his frankly nonsensical retcon in TT, I wouldn't trust a goddamn thing he says about any of the YJ team. (For someone who claims to lavish over continuity, he sure likes to ignore it when it's convenient.)

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Dreamreaver you are absolutely correct about Geoff.the guy can write a damn good story,but he doesn't care about what came before him,he writes whatever he wants,and that's what sticks,which is bull.he makes characters bland or generic,like he did to Bart Allen,grant Emerson,and kon-el.

Kon was already a great character before he wrote him,he had a great fun personality,more heart than any other character in comics,and he had a awesomely unique powerset,and all was taken away to the point that he is no different than any other character,and gets lost in the crowd.

Personality,heart,and a kick-ass powerset,that's what I hope is added to the "iconic" Rebirthed Kon that we get

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New 52 version was a nice change on the powerset, we don't need him as superman Jr anymore with John in the picture, it would be great from them to co-exist, pair him back with Red-Robin.

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Actually if they just made his 2 powerset equal then that would make him not a Marvel TK wielder and not a Superman Jr,which is what I want.

I think DC has plans for the YJ4 for Rebirtj,so Kon and Tim will be teaming up at some point

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