Future Superboy storyline you want to see

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"If" kon ever gets his own series again what storyline would you like to see?

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I kind of want to see some mentorship of Kon by Superman. Like he could be a side-kick for Superman for awhile (after all the depowered crap goes away). Aside from that, maybe some adventures off world would be cool. I'd also like it if he went back to being a full time member of the teen titans for awhile but that doesn't seem likely.

At the very least, I just hope they aren't gonna kill Kon off or turn him into a villain at the end of this current TT arc.

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I know this may sound stupid but a comic starring Superboy and Supergirl would be pretty good it would be called The teenage life of superboy and supergirl

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Kon needs more interaction with superman and his world,the SUPER VERSE is all about separation,when they should be around each other more in a work or casual basis.

This kon has roots from two different earths,and he could be a multiverse character easily.he could also hang with alien races,he could even learn their language through touch (like he did with kara).

Kon is a charactewho has always had friends,and should always be connected with them,the YJ4,megan,and others are best together.

A SUPER boy and girl boom doesn't sound stupid at all,Ive thought they would make a great series for awhile now.they could have them tackle larger problems while they are together they couldn't on their own.hell they could even have them share a apartment and help each other learn to be more human together.

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@stephens2177: That's really a good idea it would be nice to see them two get development we should also see how the super family will get along, but the superboy and girl idea would be awesome I mean after supergirl 39 their relationship seems to be good it would be nice to see how two aliens (well superboy isn't a full alien) would live in the human world. It would also be nice to see Superboy working some where

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I think putting kon in a normal setting,and then having him go all out superhero and adventurer would make for good reading,because of the huge difference in the two.

I really wouldn't mind if kal,kara,and kon all lived in Metropolis and all had normal jobs there.they could bounce from that to the fortress or space or another dimension.

Kon should have his SUPER family,loiss family,the YJ4! Titans,and Ravers,on top of his normal life with actual normal humans to balance the crazy in his life.

Ms martian was said to might be showing up next year so I hope kon and megan hit it off.

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