Fairly large error in Superboy 22

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getting caught up in my reading & noticed what seems to be quite the stupid (if I may judge) error in Superboy 22.

On these panels/pages specifically:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5

Clearly the blonde girl introduces herself as "Coop", then when the bully interjects the red-head is referred to as Coop. Then when the Bully exits Coops returns to being the blonde (who wasn't even visually part of the conflict with the bully).

I guess I expect more out of professional editors/writers/artists/(whoever's at fault here).

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Either it was a large error like you say,OR their was a whole shit ton of psionic illusion casting going on there....,which was exactly what the issue was about hmm.

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@stephens2177: That'd be a nice excuse for the book's team, haha. If that were the case Kon should have at least noted confusion ("...wasn't she blonde?"). I don't think that scene was related to the psionics at all. It was just to illustrate how foreign HS is to Kon.

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Didn't even notice this first time around

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