Komodo Dragon

    Character » Komodo Dragon appears in 28 issues.

    Komodo Dragon is the bruiser of the core Lizard League team. During the Missile Silo attack, he killed Shrinking Ray and Dupli-Kate and severely injured Rex-Splode.

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    Character Information

    Real name: Unrevealed

    Occupation: Member of the Lizard League

    Identity: Secret

    Legal status: Citizenship unknown with a criminal record in the U.S.

    Former aliases: Unknown

    Place of birth: Unrevealed

    Marital status: Unrevealed

    Known relatives: None

    Group affiliations: Lizard League

    Base of operations: Unrevealed

    Height: 6' 11"

    Weight: 465 lbs

    Hair: Unknown

    Eyes: Unknown

    Strength level: Komodo possesses superhuman strength, the limits of which are unknown, but it is known that he can lift up to 10 tons.

    History: Komodo Dragon is a member of the nefarious Lizard League and part of its team of superhumanly powered enforcers. He possesses enhanced physical strength and internally produced contagions that make him a formidable battle opponent.


    He serves dual capacities defending weaker members of the League by drawing enemy attacks and absorbing damage as well as leading offensive assaults against opponents utilizing his vast brute strength and highly toxic diseases. The fear he instills in others, his massive bulk, the confidence that leads to slow movement, his great strength and speed, and above all the deadly bacteria he can infect his opponents with, are all traits shared with the real Komodo dragons.

    When Invincible first fought the Lizard League, it was Komodo Dragon who appeared to turn the tide until Atom Eve showed up. When the League attacked the missile silo, it was Komodo Dragon who once again turn the tide on Shrinking Ray, Rex-Splode, and Dupli-Kate. He even went as far as killing Dupli-Kate and Shrinking Ray. He and a desperate Rex-Splode duked it out until Rex sacrificed his own hand with an active explosive still in his grasp when Komodo bit it off. It was ripped off and blew Komodo's head off, killing him. How he acquired his powers is unknown at this time.

    Known superpowers

    Komodo can utilize powerful toxins generated inside his body as both offensive and defensive weapons when in close proximity combat. Komodo's teeth, nails, the tough scaly surface of his skin, as well as his battlesuit all contain serrated edges containing microscopic protein pockets, home to a vast number of exotic bacteria. Komodo is immune to these, and through practice can avoid passing them on to others during normal activity, but in a battle situation, any contact with Komodo can pass these deadly bacterial contagions which can prove fatal over the following days. The effect is not only physical but psychological — people fear him and he likes that. While some heroes are immune to his pathogens, they are aware that even touching Komodo could make them a carrier and lead to the death of their friends.

    Perhaps as a result of the circumstances that led to his current superhuman state, Komodo has suffered damage to his hearing. And so, like his namesake, he cannot hear high- or low-pitched sounds but relies on an enhanced sense of smell to compensate.

    He exhibits reflexes and can run for short bursts at the level of an Olympic athlete. He can recover quickly from injury, has a high degree of tolerance to physical damage, and his uniform makes him impervious to small-arms fire. Komodo Dragon has come to rely more on his imposing size and sheer strength in combat than on any particular fighting style or discipline.


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