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Padawan Vosa fighting in the Battle of Galidraan
Padawan Vosa fighting in the Battle of Galidraan

Komari Vosa was a Jedi decades before the Clone Wars, becoming the padawan of then-Jedi Master Count Dooku. She accompanied her master to the planet Galidraan, where the Jedi Council had been asked by the Governor to stop the Mandalorians. A battle ensued, resulting in the lives of every Mandalorian - save one, Jango Fett, who personally killed many Jedi with his bare hands. Jango was captured, given to the Governor, and sold into slavery.

Fall to the Dark Side

Dark Jedi and leader of the Bando Gora
Dark Jedi and leader of the Bando Gora

Vosa was denied the rank of Jedi Knight due to her aggressive nature. She, along with a group of Jedi, were sent to investigate the Bando Gora - a dark cult with underworld connections, using tainted Death Sticks to brainwash civilians, during them into mindless servants of the Bando Gora. They were captured and tortured by the cult. Through the torture, Vosa gave into her rage and anger, turning to the dark side, eventually becoming the leader of the Bando Gora and beheading her former Jedi allies. Later, Vosa's former master Count Dooku - going by Darth Tyranus - was tasked by his new Sith master, Darth Sidious, with both killing the leader of the Bando Gora as well as finding a genetic template for the Clone Army. Tyranus decided to do both with one task. He put out a 5,000,000 Republic Credit bounty on Vosa's head. Given the fierce reputation that the Bando Gora hold, few Bounty Hunters took the job. Many of those that did were eliminated by rival hunters.

Jango Fett, however, took the job on the prospect of earning the hefty fee. Along the way, Fett also teamed up with fellow Bounty Hunter, Zam Wesell. He also went up against his rival, Montross, the man responsible for killing Jango's adopted father, Jaster Mereel. Montross killed Jango's one true friend, Roz. Jango continued on his journey, going to one of the moons of Bogden, Kohlma. He killed Montross in an ensuing battle, before becoming captured by the Bando Gora.

Jango was tortured by Vosa for some time, attempting to retrieve the name of the man who put the contract out on her. Jango was rescued by Zam, causing Vosa to retreat into her fortress. Jango hunted her down through the corridors and incapacitated her, leading to Dooku choking her from the shadows and awarding the bounty to Jango, as well as giving him the cloning contract. Jango made the deal, on the condition that he have an unaltered clone to raise as his son.

Powers and Abilities

Komari Vosa was an exceptional and angry padawan, boasting that she killed about twenty Mandalorians during the Battle of Galidraan. She was trained by then-Master Dooku, in the Force and lightsaber combat. She proved herself to be a very deadly opponent when she fought Jango Fett; she was, however, defeated.

Vosa used what appeared to be a form of telepathy to reach into Jango's mind during interrogation, but Jango was able to resist her efforts.

During her days as a Jedi, she used a blue lightsaber. As a Dark Jedi, Vosa used twin red lightsabers.

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