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    Kole Weathers gained powers as a result of her father's experiments. Kole was rescued by the Titans. She died during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Crisis on Infinite Earths #3 and New Teen Titans #9 came out during the same month.

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    A scientist named Abel Weathers thought that he had discovered that the nuclear holocaust would happen soon and that there wasn't any way to stop it. This was the reason why he decided to work on an experiment that would enable the humans to be able to live and adapt to the radiation that would be freed when the disaster happened. He decided to use it by experimenting on humans to try to make the evolve by force.

    Among those humans that were used for the experiment where the doctor's wife (Marilyn Weathers) and his daughter (Kole Weathers). The experiment in which Kole was involved used the elements of the carbon-silicon along with another material known as Promethium.

    The experiment was a success, and Kole Weathers evolved from a normal human, gaining new powers. These powers gave her the ability to create and control any crystal with a silicon base.


    Meeting the Titans

    after coming home with the Titans, Kole wonders about where she belongs
    after coming home with the Titans, Kole wonders about where she belongs

    Some time later, the new Teen Titans would find out about the experiments that Professor Abel Weathers had been doing on humans because of his crazy theories. This lead to a confrontation between the teen titans and the creatures made by Professor Abel Weathers.

    It was during this fight that the lab of Professor Weathers would be destroyed, causing everyone there to turn into an evolved insect that, in theory, could stand any nuclear fallout. Among the people that were transformed, were the professor's wife, Marilyn Weathers, and Professor Abel Weathers himself.

    It was after this that Kole Weathers decided to go back with the Teen Titans to the city of New York, where she would start a new life, living with Joseph Wilson (Jericho) and his mother Adeline Wilson.

    As time passed, Kole and Joseph (Jericho) started to get closer, leading to a close friendship between the two of them.

    Sometimes Kole would help Joseph (Jericho) and the rest of the teen titans in missions, although she never become an official member of the team.


    Some time later, the Crisis on Infinite Earths started. During this crisis many universes died, as did many heroes and villains.

    Among those victims was Kole. Kole was trying to save bystanders from the attacks of the "shadow demons" that served the being known as the Anti-Monitor. Kole protected them from the demons, seemingly dying while doing so, however, this is just a theory due to the fact that they never found her corpse.

    The Return?

    Time passed, and the Team Titans encountered a woman who looked exactly like Kole, while investigating attacks by a vampire.

    It was revealed that the woman that the team titans encountered was indeed Kole. When the team titans asked her about what happened to her, she insisted that she wasn't really alive, and that she was actually "nothing alive," making a suggestion that she was some kind of spirit.

    When the mission with the Team Titans was finished, the spirit of Kole disappeared without a trace.

    Zero Crisis: Things aren't what they look like

    Some time after this, the crisis of time known as Zero Hour would start. It was during this time that it was revealed that Extant had been making alterations to the timelines of all ages.

    It was also revealed that the spirit of Kole that the Team Titans had encountered was another one of Extant's manipulations. This was discovered because Extant had Kole's real corpse in his lair, however Extant managed to eliminate all the false timelines with the help of Parallax, causing Kole's body to disappear.

    Technis Imperative: Is Kole dead or alive?

    When the former titan Cyberion (Cyborg) went back to earth, he started to capture anyone who had ever been a titan to populate the earth's moon and create a new home for the technis.

    The machines that Cyberion (Cyborg) used to locate the teen titans around the world also gave him the possibility to know if a former Teen Titan was either dead or alive. However, when the machines were looking for Kole's data the search read said that it was unknown if Kole was dead or alive, casting doubt on her true status.

    Brother Blood

    In the more recent Teen Titans comics, Raven sensed a disturbance between the living and the dead; it was Brother Blood. He'd created a team of deceased Teen Titans that included Lilith, Aquagirl, Phantasm, Hawk & Dove and Kole. After an exhausting battle, Raven, Beast Boy and Kid Eternity turn Brother Blood's Titans to dust, sending their minds back to their souls in the afterlife. At the end of the comic it shows Speedy II asking Kid Eternity if the dead Titans could come back, but he answered that those Titans have had their time and won't come back.

    This proves once and for all that Kole is dead.

    In Teen Titans #68, Kid Eternity brings Kole back from the dead for one minute to help himself and Kid Devil in Hell.

    Blackest Night

    During the Blackest Night, multiple undead Titans storm Titans Tower (Pantha, Wildebeest, Tempest, Dolphin, Tula, Terra, Hawk, Omen and others). Although Kole was never seen, she is featured with her Black Lantern appearance in a biography section, where it shows all resurrected Titans and they're biography. Kole's reads: "Kole Weathers was killed during the Crisis on Infinite Earths by the Anti-Monitor. Now she returns as a Black Lantern for the hearts of her teammates."

    Personal Information

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    • Real Name: Kole Weathers
    • Status: Hero
    • Occupation: Adventurer
    • Base: New York City
    • Height: 5ft 6in
    • Weight: 133 lbs
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Hair: Red

    Powers & Abilities

    Kole was subjected to unspecified experiments that enabled her to project crystal forms that could coat another object or form an independent mass. People trapped within the crystal could possibly suffocate if not freed in time, and the crystal was subject to shattering from great force or sound frequencies. Kole's crystal limitations were unknown, but she was an unskilled hand-to-hand combatant. The teenaged hero was able to form a crystal slide and propel it through the skies for quick transportation.

    Animated Series

    Teen Titans

    Kole on Teen Titans, the animated series
    Kole on Teen Titans, the animated series

    Her key episodes are:

    In the animated show she lived in an under ground world with fellow titan Gnarrk. Her powers in the show differed heavily from her comic counterpart. Instead of creating crystals, Kole could transform her whole body into a crystal, at which time Gnarkk would use her as a personal weapon, however, Kole is unable to move once crystallized.


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