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    Koi Turnbull is a well known artist, best known for his work with Aspen MLT, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and various other companies in the comic industry. He is best known for his run on Michael Turner’s Fathom Volume 2 from Aspen MLT.

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     Early Life 

    Born Coy Turnbull (Had his name legally changed to Koi for his love of Japanese culture) was born December 12, 1976 in Elmhurst, Queens NY. Most of his early years were spent in New York till a change of scenery and a move south happened at the age of 13. Koi’s family moved to Asheboro, NC and during his time there he learned in ins and out of the comic industry from working at a local comic shop with fellow future comic inker John “Waki” Wycough. From the comic shop Koi learned from the likes of local artist Randy Green and Rick Ketcham and mentored him in prep for a future in comics. In 1997, Koi moved back to New York to pursue a career in comics. His skills were noticed and he began work as a background artist on Marvel projects for Adam Pollian and Walter McDaniel.

    With a change in the weather and a growing in knowledge, Koi moved back to Asheboro, NC again in 2002. Later that year Koi’s big break happened at a portfolio review at the Wizard World Chicago Comic Convention. During a sample review with Aspen MLT’s Frank Mastromauro (Executive Vice President) and Peter Steigerwald (Vice President of Publishing) something caught their eyes and both liked his work so much that was asked to contact them the week after the con so they might discuss future employment with Aspen MLT.


    After receiving the penciler job with Aspen MLT, Koi moved out to Santa Monica, CA to work in the Marina Del Rey studio. Working under the direction of Michael Turner, Koi’s talent grew and with that followed Mike’s run on Fathom with his own run starting with Fathom Volume 2. Not feeling hindered by the large fan following of Mike’s work, Koi was able to follow Mike’s work with his own and bring his influence to the comic during his run. Following Koi’s run on Fathom; he has since found work with DC Comics (working on Flash, and Superman Confidential), Marvel Comics (working on Terror INC, New Warriors, and Black Panther) and other comic projects. He is currently working with Marvel Comics most recently on the One Month 2 Live storyline.

    In late 2010 Koi moved once more from his home in New York for the city of Atlanta, GA. While working with Marvel and other comic companies, Koi is a member of the Atlanta based HeadHunta’ Studios along with fellow industry members Chris Walker (Founder of HeadHunta’ Studios), Dave Wilkins, Nathan Massengill, Tony Washington, Kevin Stokes, and Jeff Balke.


    Little Known Trivia

    Artist Micah Gunnell used Koi Turnbull as the inspiration for the character Thom in the Aspen MLT comic Shrugged.

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