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    An alien ally of Power Pack. Kofi is the son of Yrik and Onomi Whitemane and therefore, heir to the throne of the Kymellians. The Kymellians are alogoanthropes (Were-Horses, often mistaken for Centaurs whom are alogoanthropes but have human torsos and horse extremities) or human/horse hybrids. He was born with powers that are rare in the Kymellian race and is therefore a non-human mutant.

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    Kofi was part of the Kymellian race of aliens and son of Lord Yrik Whitemane and Onomi Whitemane. Yrik and Onomi were the king and queen or the Kymellians respectively, until the Inhumans conquered their empire. Now Onomi is married to Black Bolt and serves as queen and ambassador for her people. Growing up the son of royals, Kofi had very little interaction with his parents. Lord Yrik's duties especially, seemed to take precedence over his son.

    When Kofi came across a Z'nrx plan to kidnap an Earth super team of children known as Power Pack, Kofi decided to try to stop it.

    In assisting Power Pack, Kofi finally earned the attention and admiration that he longed for from his father.

    He continued to help out with Power Pack as an unofficial member, and was present when the Z'nrx first tried to steal the Packs powers (they wanted his teleportation skills).

    He has shown signs of latent Kymellian 'sorcerous' powers (like the ones given to the Pack)

    More recently, Kofi has been shown in a more bureaucratic role. When the Pack was framed by the Skrull Warpriest Kh'oja, Kofi was the only one working in their defense. His new title is that of Abbot.


    Kofi has the ability to teleport himself over small distances.

    He has shown signs of latent powers that only certain Kymellians get:

    Gravity manipulation

    Energy projection

    Density powers, forcefield projection, air manipulation


    Healing powers

    If he manages to fully master these powers, he will become a Kymellian 'sorcerer' and could become more powerful than the Power Pack.




    HEIGHT: 5 ft.


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