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A savage monster, Koenig was genetically altered by the secret underground organisation for one sole purpose; to kill.  His physique towers over regular humans, with a giant muscular structure.  The implants installed that were visible on his face, down his neck & spine successfully removed any ability to think for himself.  Instead, Angelika Einstürzen controlled Koenig by electrical pulses to stop him from moving.  Then a door would be raised and he would race through the opening to attack whoever was on the other side. 

Trial By Death

Koenig was one in a series of other grotesquely warped people, created purely to attack children who had been kidnapped from the surface world.  The children had also undergone genetic & cybernetic experimentation to turn them into fast, instinctive & strong living weapons with a healing factor.  Therefore Keonig & the other monsters were a means of testing the success of the experiments on the children; if a child was killed then the experiment was a failure, on the other hand if the monster was destroyed then the child was deemed to be a success.  
As such, Koenig intimidated young Heine Rammsteiner & Giovanni into petrified stillness.  However, the implants inside Lily had already activated & the child was pushed into a mindless savagery similar to Koenig's.  She led an assault by running up Koenig's massive body and literally ripped out his spine from the back of his neck with her bare hands.  Koenig's massive body slumped forward & lay motionless on the floor with the small blonde child still on it's back.

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