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    Volume » Published by Shueisha. Started in 1977.

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    Proper Japanese Title: こちら葛飾区亀有公園前派出所

    Originally serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump. Though it has a legacy as being one of the longest-running manga of all-time (and the first to reach 200 volumes, though many series of similarly extreme length usually reset their numbering by changing subtitles or otherwise altering the name of the series), it is also notable for being one of the best-selling (with over 150,000,000 copies sold) and more specifically, the best-selling gag manga in Japan (most other manga to reach those sorts of sales numbers are battle or sports manga).

    With nearly 2000 chapters, one of the series most impressive feats in regards to its original serialization was that from 1976-2016, it was never absent for a single issue of the weekly magazine (even while its creator Osamu Akimoto would be involved in many other projects) and due to the gag nature of the series, it managed to continue without devolving into long-drawn out story arcs but rather the longest story arcs tended to be two-parters with a rare occurrence of one being slightly longer.

    However, the series also had many common story styles based around the protagonist Ryo-san's crazy schemes or other stories with similar themes based around the many different cast members to weave their way in and out of the series (such as a chapter every four years about Neruo waking up).

    Though it is often noted retroactively for its length, the series was quickly established as being one of the popular pillars of the magazine right from the beginning, already getting the cover seven times in its first thirty-four chapters (and being one of the most prominently displayed on a number of others).

    It has had many of its own unique spin-offs due to its anniversaries over the years and through these special works (such as Cho Kochikame), the characters have been drawn by a hundreds of different creators and crossed over with many other major manga titles. For the 35th anniversary, special chapters of the series (collected in Vol. 999) were even published in all 13 other major Shueisha manga magazines that were ongoing at the time (aimed at all major demographics; shonen, seinen, shojo and josei).

    After forty years, Akimoto chose to end the series, not to retire but instead wishing to work on other projects, ultimately ending one series so that he could then simultaneously work on four ongoing series in four other Shueisha magazines (though at a more irregular pace).

    However, Akimoto has been returning on a yearly schedule, publishing a special Kochikame chapter each year since 2017.

    Another interesting fact is that it still holds the record of most volumes for a single series by a single author; because Golgo 13 (current holder of the most volumes for a single series) is written by many authors in a style similar to European/American comics, and Dokaben (most volumes by a single author) is divided in many series (5 to be exact).


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