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    A terrorist religious organization led by Kobra, they believe in the Kali Yuga.

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    The 'Kobra Cult', 'Cult of Kobra', or sometimes just 'Kobra' is a secret criminal religious sect that began in India its origins are shrouded in the mists of time.

    Team Evolution

    Kobra's members are religious fanatics that will fight to the death, and will commit suicide rather than be captured. As a result the organization has been able to maintain a veil of secrecy for decades - possibly centuries. They are one of the the most powerful criminal organizations in the DC Universe, rivaled only by SKULL, a group with which they frequently vie for power.


    Hatchling- A new recruit

    Naga- trained member of Kobra.

    Other Media


    Batman Beyond

    The Kobra organization is shown in Batman Beyond episodes entitled "Plague", "Unmasked", and the two part "Curse of the Kobra".

    Static Shock

    Kobra was in an episode of Static Shock entitled "Future Shock".

    Young Justice

    The Cult of Kobra appears in the episode "Drop Zone" and they are making a serum that is a cross between the Venom serum and the Blockbuster formula, running their operations off Santa Prisca.


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