Character » Kobalt appears in 26 issues.

    He is a crime fighting vigilante.

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    Kobalt was somewhat a super-hero, but had built a ruthless and fierce reputation. Some criminals even believed he was a cannibal. Kobalt carries a vendetta against the St. Cloud organization. He harasses some of the employees of Saint Cloud. After the battle, Kobalt learns from another vigilante, Clover, several of Cloud's men are manipulating his organization for profit and other sinister purposes, without Cloud being aware of it.

    Despite this, Kobalt refuses to team up with Clover. He insists on no new partners ever and it is soon learned he had at least one before, who had managed to set up a very illegal phone line that only a few know about. One of these people is the father of Page, an inept superhero groupie. Kobalt owes Page's father and he calls this in, wanting him to train his son to be a genuine superhero.

    Later, Page is videotaped battling the villain 'Slick' in an incident involving a seemingly empty armored car. This is caught on video, alerting the criminal underworld. Page's father sees the fight and regrets his decision to allow Page to be a hero. St. Cloud himself realizes Kobalt is real and not just an excuse his employees use to cover their own incompetence. Kobalt himself believes that his reputation as a demonic force is absolutely ruined. Increased resistance in a later battle supports this theory in Kobalt's mind, but this train of thought is interrupted by the appearance of Hardware .

    He has not appeared since the Dakotaverse became part of the DC universe.

    Kobalt was of Cuban descent.


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