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    Knuckles is a treasure hunter. He likes to hunt precious artifacts like Chaos Emeralds. Knuckles is the protector of the Master Emerald, which has the power of 14 Chaos Emeralds combined. He's one of Sonic's closest friends and sometimes friendly-rivals.

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    "No one can match the power of my fists!"

    Knuckles the Echidna
    Knuckles the Echidna

    Knuckles is the child of Locke and Lara-le. His father Locke one night had a apocalyptic vision of the future and saw his son would be a savior. The next day After Knuckles was born, and without the knowledge or consent from his wife, Locke subjected Knuckles' egg to large doses of Chaos radiation in order to create a guardian that surpassed the abilities achieved by his ancestors. After Knuckles hatched from his egg, he quickly sported intellect and abilities that were very abnormal in children his age. His mother began to worry about him, and eventually learned her husband intended him to be a guardian. Eventually his parents constantly argued over his future until the day they divorced, and Knuckles went with his father. Locke decided to move his son to elsewhere on Angel Island. While there his father trained him so that he would become the eighteenth guardian of Floating Island. Over the years he spent his time alone and barely interacted with others excluding his father.

    During his isolation he met Princess Sally one day while her father and her visited the floating island. He couldn't tell anyone that he met her, and they decided to keep each other encounter a secret. Eventually his father abandoned him, and knuckles became alone. But he one day found another inhabitant on the Island named Vector. They both became friends, and eventually joined a team later on in life.

    Years later Knuckles encountered Robotnik who was trying to get his hands on the Chaos Emeralds time. Robotnik tricked him into Believing that Sonic and Tails were going to steal the emeralds from him, Knuckles then decided to work with Robotnik. After a short fight, Robotnik blatantly betrayed Knuckles, causing him to join Sonic in a begrudging team-up, and defeated Robotnik. After leaving the island Sonic eventually came back and got into another scuffle with Knuckles. Over time they eventually became friends. and one another out on occasion.

    Joining Chaotix

    Some time later he encountered his old friend Vector and they formed a team called Chaotix with Espio the Chameleon, Mighty the Armadillo, Charmy Bee, Heavy, and Bomb. They would be a equivalent team of Sonic and the Freedom Fighters. Their early missions included battling the evil Enerjak, who at the time was also Knuckles' great-uncle Dimitri the Echidna, who controlled their minds briefly before they managed to defeat him. The group also tangled with a band of cyborg Echidnas known as the Dark Legion, and a defector from that group eventually joined them: named Julie-Su, who would later become Knuckles' girlfriend. Charmy Bee would later leave the group to return to his home the Golden Hive Colony. At one point an ancient city of echidna, called Echidnapolis, that had been existing on Angel Island, although on an alternate planet, phased back into existence. He was reunited with his mother and people.

    Since then, Echidnaopolis was restored to the Floating Island. Knuckles then learned of his ancestry, reunited with family, and still struggled with his personal life. He had to bear the weight of being a living Chaos Emerald, not to mention being part of a prophecy that said he was destined to help save the world, while trying to be a normal guy.

    His time was occupied with quests and battles, among them numerous confrontations with the Dark Legion, taking over as Mitre of the Lost Tribe of Echidnas from his great-grandfather Athair, joining Sonic and Tails in a battle against Mammoth Mogul-which led to the creation of the Master Emerald, replacing the Chaos Emeralds that had originally been used to keep Angel Island aloft-and fighting the Overlander known as Hunter. Knuckles was then forced to deal with the disappearance of Echidnaopolis' population, a result of a discharge from the Dark Legion's Quantum Beam.

    Evolution & Death

    Chaos Knuckles
    Chaos Knuckles

    Knuckles later undertook an evolution that changed his pigment and awakened greater powers, becoming the functionally omnipotent Chaos Knuckles. Using his new power, he joined forces with the Dark Legion in several efforts to alter history. After failing, he used his power to reverse the effects of the Quantum Beam himself. He died when he over loaded himself with chaos power in which he killed Mammoth Mogul to protect his former enemy Dimitri and prevent Mammoth Mogul from stealing his powers for himself with a room that was turned into a chaos siphon, and then later came back to life after rejecting the ability to become one with the Chaos Force. Because of this, Knuckles lost his powers after he thwarted a life form extinction wave on the battlegrounds with the Xorda. This confirmed his legendary status, as according to the prophecy of the Ancient Walkers, the Avatar (aka Knuckles would bypass death and deliver the world from its suffering.

    Loss & Regain of Powers

    After the battle with the Xorda and Sonic's transportation to the other side of the galaxy, Dr. Eggman was able to take over Angel Island and backed the oppressive Dingo regime. Because of this, Knuckles was not allowed to return to Angel Island for a long after Robotnik seized control of it, until Knuckles eventually gained the approval to go back from Sally after Sonic's return. In the heat of the ensuing battle, Knuckles regained his powers and the people praised him as the Avatar. After realizing that the rest of the world suffered like his people, Knuckles gained the will to extend his services beyond the Angel Island, much to the disapproval of his father Locke.

    Since that time, Knuckles and the Chaotix have lived in Knothole, working together with the Freedom Fighters. This choice resulted in Knuckles becoming involved in battles against the likes of the Destructix and Ixis Naugus. He also accompanied Sonic, Tails, and Merlin to the Bem home world of Argentium to rescue Tails' parents Amadeus and Rosemary Prower, and thus was among the first Mobians to learn of the threat posed by the Black Arms, a warlike race of aliens who had visited Mobius once and were likely to return at any time.

    Locke approached Knuckles again sometime before the Argentium mission, arguing with him to return to his duties as Guardian of Angel Island. From this conversation, Knuckles learned that the Echidnas were still threatened by the Dingoes under General Kage and that the Dark Legion had been split into civil war, with the two factions led by Lien-Da and an Echidna resembling his late nemesis Kragok, though the latter appears to actually be his old ally Remington, who is Kragok's biological son.

    Despite this information, he refused to return to the island, feeling that his responsibility to Mobius as a whole was greater. Unknowingly, he left an opening for Dr. Finitevus, who convinced Locke to entrust Angel Island to his care and that of the Destructix while he went to look for the missing Brotherhood of Guardians. Locke had no way of knowing Finitevus' true intent: to recreate Enerjak using the energy contained within the Emerald.

    Time as Enerjak

    Knuckles as Enerjak
    Knuckles as Enerjak

    Knuckles disappeared during this mission, a circumstance made more ominous by Enerjak's return. Upon arriving on Angel Island, Knuckles was beaten and taken captive by the Destructix and Scourge the Hedgehog, who delivered him to Dr. Finitevus, Lien-Da, and his old friend Remington (who not only didn't recognize Knuckles, but who had taken over as Grandmaster of the Frost Legion after learning of his origin as the son of Knuckles' old rival, Kragok .

    After Finitevus informed Knuckles that 90% of the Echidna people had been killed by Robotnik, Knuckles drew the powers of the Master Emerald into himself, setting off a brainwashing spell trap set by Finitevus, and transformed into a new-and-improved Enerjak. Using his newfound powers, he banished the Dingoes to Sandopolis, restored the Dark Legionnaires to their normal forms-including Remington's lost memories-and sent all the Echidnas but Lien-Da and a few loyalists to Albion.

    Teleporting to New Mobotropolis, he easily overcame NICOLE's forcefield and confronted the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix. It was only when Julie-Su, heartbroken and vengeful, tried to attack him and avenge Knuckles, whom she believed dead, that Enerjak removed his helmet to reveal himself as Knuckles, to the horror and shock of all his friends, Julie-Su and particularly his mentor Archimedes, who had witnessed the horrible events leading up to his transformation.

    As his friends tried to come to grips with Knuckles' change, the new Enerjak revealed his plan to rid Mobius of technology and bring peace once and for all to the planet. When his friends tried to convince him that he wasn't acting like himself, and that his methods were far too extreme, he attempted to undo Julie-Su's cybernetics just as he had those of the Dark Legion, only to come under attack from the returning Sonic. After this surprise attack, Sonic was not able to match Knuckles at all, at which point Shadow, GUN's newest agent arrived and fought Enerjak alone after removing his power inhibitors.

    Though Shadow was able to match Enerjak's might, he could not keep such a monumental effort up and soon tired. As Enerjak seemed to have the upper hand, Dr. Eggman arrived and teleported Enerjak away to his new Egg Grapes, made specifically to contain Enerjak. Knuckles' situation was made even more grim when his father, abducting Julie-Su and Sonic for the purpose of enlisting their aid, revealed that he couldn't undo Finitevus' spell on his son, and that his solution to defeating Enerjak was to use a Brotherhood-made kill him.

    Robotnik's modifications to the Egg Fleet proved faulty very quickly: immediately upon recovering from the shock of being transported, Knuckles broke free of his prison and proceeded to lay waste to New Megaopolis. Easily wiping out Robotnik's ground forces, Enerjak then struck a final blow by turning the missiles of the Egg Fleet back against them, destroying them utterly. While Robotnik fled to safety, Enerjak returned to Angel Island in order to recover after losing a great deal of power.

    Seeking Dr. Finitevus, he commanded his "benefactor" to replenish his power, only to be interrupted by the arrival of Sonic, who had just destroyed the weapon Locke had been attempting to recover. Leaping atop the Master Emerald, Sonic drew power from it, and Finitevus stopped Enerjak from attacking him as he became Super Sonic; the doctor was apparently pleased as he saw his own corrupted energy neutralized by Sonic's power. The battle began in earnest as Super Sonic attempted to break Knuckles free by taunting him, goading him with the usual banter between them. Unfortunately, Finitevus' magic proved too strong, and Knuckles continued to attack his former friend.

    Meanwhile, back on Angel Island's surface, Finitevus revealed to Julie-Su that he had "locked" his hex by making it so that it could only be broken by someone sacrificing their own life. Julie-Su and Archimedes were both willing, but it was Locke who stepped in to save his son. Returned to normal, Knuckles found his father dead and in a rage attacked Dr. Finitevus, eager to punish him for all his crimes. The mad doctor escaped, and Knuckles, motivated most likely by guilt at having lost his father because of his past decisions, swore that he would remain on Angel Island to guard the Master Emerald-for the rest of his life.

    Shortly afterward, Knuckles inspected all the damage he cause from a distance, cheeking in on his folks in the Echidna city of Albion, where Remington took charge of the restoration after the attack made by Finitevus. He then returned back to the desert region of the Island, to see how the dingoes, under the command of their former leader, General Stryker, are holding up. Knuckles tells Stryker that he was Enerjak and he was the one who "destroyed" his son, General Kage.

    The general merely turned his back on Knuckles, to hide his tears for the lost of his son, while openly admitted that Kage was traitor, to which Knuckles says he understands and leaves. Members of the Chaotix were doing bridged work on the Shrine Isle (created during the fight between Super Sonic and Enerjak) and Knuckles watches them in the distance, when Rouge shows up and convinces Knux that with a Warp Ring, he can keep an eye on the Master Emerald while still helping his friends against Robotnik. This convinces Kunckles to go out and help his friends.

    Mobius: 25 Years later

    Future Knuckles
    Future Knuckles

    The main future Knuckles appears in Mobius: 25 Years Later. This Knuckles is a powerful political figure in his role as Guardian, and is paired with Julie-Su. Due to their shared opinion that commitment matters more than ceremony, the two are not officially married, but have a daughter named Lara-Su. In this future, Knuckles and Sonic have had some bad shared history, leading to repeated disputes between them. The focal point of which is an incident where, after becoming Chaos Knuckles once more, Knuckles altered reality to remake a Mobius free of Robotnik without removing the memories of his tyrannical existence from the heroes of Mobius such as the Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix.

    Not long after this display of power, Sonic grew more and more convinced that this power would corrupt Knuckles and it would cause him to destroy everything he had sought to fix and protect when he altered reality. As a result of these feeling Sonic used a primitive version of a Chaos Siphon on an unsuspecting Knuckles which drained him of his chaos powers; however the device could not hold the immense levels of power it absorbed and exploded, thus robbing Knuckles of his right eye. Refusing to have it replaced with a cloned organ against religious beliefs, Knuckles instead had a cybernetic right eye implanted that allows him to see in all spectrum's.

    Together with Sonic, Knuckles was brought into the confidence of Rotor and Cobar, who discovered the imminent collapse of Mobius' timeline. Putting aside their differences, Knuckles and Sonic agreed to work together in hopes of saving their shared planet. Before setting out on this mission, Knuckles granted his daughter Lara-Su's request to become the next Guardian, something he had refused for some time beforehand. This decision resulted from the realization that he was giving Lara as little choice over being a Guardian as his late father Locke had given him. However, Lara sneaked aboard his transport, and when Sonic was sent into the past using the Tachyon Displacement chamber, Lara-Su disappeared as well.

    In the alternate Mobius: 25 Years Later, Knuckles retains his memories of the original time line due to having been next to the Tachyon Displacement Chamber when it went off. This time around, Knuckles became chief enforcer to Shadow the Hedgehog, who became the despotic ruler of Mobius. Among his assignments were capturing not only the returning Lara-Su and Sonic, but also Tails. Held captive, the trio had to convince Knuckles that Shadow's rule was not the best thing for Mobius. Knuckles soon revealed to the three, and Rotor, that he didn't take them prisoner for real, and that he had planned the fake arrest from the very beginning so that he, Tails, Lara-Su and Sonic could rebel against King Shadow together. The plan went off flawlessly.

    Alternate Dark Future Mobius

    Knuckles as Enerjak from Dark Mobius
    Knuckles as Enerjak from Dark Mobius

    In this different reality of the multiverse, a failed attempt of the Chaos Siphon incident (Occurs in Mobius: 25 years later.) actually leads to Knuckles turning on all of Mobious in which Knuckles becomes Enerjak. After which he defeats/kills Super Sonic and all the other heroes of Mobious one after the other and uses their souls to create the magi-tech "Prelates", which he uses as soldiers. Knuckles also sank the entire continent of Downunda with little effort after the inhabitants managed to anger him. Julie-Su is the acting leader of the resistance against Enerjak until her eventual death and Prelatization. Some time before Julie-Su falls, Lara-Su, Daughter of Knuckles and Julie-Su, travels back in time in an attempt to prevent the "death" of her father at the hands of Constable Remington. She has been told by her mother that if Knuckles were still alive Enerjak would never succeeded. After Lara-Su returns to her own time and dimension, her mother tells her the truth about her father and Enerjak.

    Eventually only his own daughter remained along with a band of young make shift Freedom Fighters and the time traveler Silver the Hedgehog who, after following a Prelate invader from his own dimension into this one, joins up with Lara-Su and her group to escape Knuckles and his Prelates. Following this Knuckles kills off his daughter's allies, leaving only her and a Silver the Hedgehog to stand against him.

    Silver engages Enerjak in battle using his telekinetic powers to smash him into and through what ever he could but each time Enerjak simply got up as if nothing had even happened and laughed. Enerjak then hit Silver with the entirety of the floating island as a demonstration of how far out of his league silver really was. After a beating Silver started using his telekinesis to send Enerjak's chaos blasts back at him which enraged him to the point of closing in to fight with his physical strength. As Enerjak closes in Silver dives out of the way allowing Lara-Su to use the Sword of Acorns, which hasn't been destroyed in this universe,to steal the godly powers of her father. With the unstoppable Enerjak's power's Lara-Su begins trying to revive those who've had their souls stolen and rebuild the world that has been destroyed; she even hopes to revive the old hero Knuckles who had existed before Enerjak.


    Knuckles is incredibly strong. He can punch through 5 foot thick stones as if they weren't even there. He can lift large weights with one hand and has very good endurance. Knuckles has the natural ability to glide. He also is a good digger and can dig holes very deep in a matter of seconds. Like Sonic, Knuckles is capable of running fast. Though fast, Knuckles cannot come close to achieving the speed of Sonic. He can run about 400 mph while Sonic can reach the speed of sound (770 mph). Knuckles is also a master martial artist and one of the finest Echindan warriors in history.

    Knuckles can absorb the 7 chaos emeralds or absorb the master emerald and become Hyper Knuckles (pink/silver colored . While he is transformed he cannot be wounded and is practically invulnerable, but needs rings to maintain his super form, this requirement later no longer applies after the massive absorption of Chaos energy caused by Mammoth Mogul after he had stolen Enerjak's power. When he is in his super form his physical strength is almost limitless, he can fly at 80% of the speed of Super Sonic and make earthquakes by hitting the ground.

    Hyper Knuckles and Super Sonic once fought each other in a special zone for control of the chaos emeralds and rings it contained; the end result was the implosion of the entire zone and the retrieval of only a single chaos emerald by Knuckles. Knuckles is the last of his clan so he spends most of his time alone being the protector of the Chaos Emeralds and eventually Master Emerald.

    Chaos Knuckles is the transformed state Knuckles enters after the accumulation of to much chaos energy in his body, as he is the equivalent of a living chaos emerald, essentially making him a god equal in or more powerful then the Ancient Walkers. In this form not only does he keep his Hyper forms abilities and multiply them but he also gains limitless control of the chaos force and the ability to alter reality within the limits of his imagining.

    Personality In The Comics

    Knuckles being snarky to his elders.
    Knuckles being snarky to his elders.

    In the comics published by Archie Comics, Knuckles is sarcastic and somewhat rude to just about everyone, including his own family, probably as a result of being alone for so much of his childhood. He doesn't trust people easily, and often speaks to people rudely. He didn't even trust his own family right away, case in point: in issue #21, his grandfather said "'re with family now," to which Knuckles responded " 'scuse me if I don't get too choked up." In Sonic issue #88, Knuckles was stranded in the middle of the ocean on a piece of floating debris, and the spirit of his grandfather Athair appeared and said "I have not abandoned you in your hour of need." All Knuckles said to that was "Like you would know what my problem is!"

    Knuckles is the kind of person who, while not entirely devoid of spirituality, won't believe anything if it's not right there in front of him. When his ancestor Tobor was explaining what it means for the Brotherhood to ascend to a higher plane rather than die, he said "This is way too heavy for me, Tobor. Sounds like something Mom tried to teach me about." Later in that same storyline, he actually ascended to said higher plane, but when asking "Whoa! Who turned on the spotlight?!" Aurora (the goddess that echidnas believe in) responded with "Do not fear, Knuckles the are far from alone." To which Knux replied "Yeah, well, pardon me if I can't see the crowd!" Aurora then said "Ever the doubtful one. Always existing in the here and now."

    Other Media



    Sonic the Hedgehog OVA (1996)

    Knuckles first animated appearance was in the 1996 anime Sonic the Hedgehog OVA. He appeared in the last few minutes of the first were encountered Sonic and Tails being attacked by Robo Robotnik after finishing tunneling underground for gems. After helping them Sonic and Tails headed for Robonik base, Knuckles decided to follow them in case they needed help.

    They all found out Robotnik lured sonic to his base so he could scan his data and give it to Metal Sonic. After which Knuckles met with the President on the crisis with Metal Sonic and telling him what happens if Metal Sonic is able to melt the Glaciers. He then followed Sonic to the Ice Caps to help stop Metal Sonic and save the Presidents daughter from Robotnik. Afterwards Knuckles and the others met with Sonic after he feels sorry for Metal Sonic having feelings. He then hits Sonic (for stepping on his foot earlier) and stars running after him with the rest of the gang.

    Sonic Underground (1999)

    Knuckles appeared in episode 19 of Sonic Underground. He is the guardian of Floating Island (Angel Island) and has been guarding the master emerald with his great-grandfather Athair, and his pet dinosaur Chomps. He warns him of never leaving the island because it would help the rebellion against Robotnik. Sleet and Dingo arrived on the island before Sonic and his siblings and tricked Knuckles into thinking they were the enemies. Once he found them he began to attack them and was able to separate Sonic, Sonia, and Manik from one another. Sonic then went after him while his siblings escaped from the pit fall they fell into.

    Knuckles was about to make Sonic fall to his death by destroying a rock bridge but he was bale to get across in time. Knuckles was about to fall over until Sonic caught him before falling which made him confuse as to why he saved him. Sonic and Knuckles talked about what happened and finally realized he was tricked and discovered Sleek and Dingo removed the master which caused Floating Island to fall from the sky.

    After discovering where Sleet and Dingo went they teamed up to go after them and saw Dingo drop the emerald by accident. Sleet then sent out a army of Robotnik's soldiers to stop but they were defeated by the combine force of Knuckles, Sonic, and his siblings. Knuckles then reveals that he had met the siblings' mother, Queen Aleena, who left a message stating that Knuckles would be the first of many allies to join with them against Robotnik.

    Later, Sonic and the others returned to the Floating Island in the Chaos Emerald Crisis trilogy of episodes, seeking Knuckles' help against another Robotnik plot, a giant flying fortress powered by a Chaos Emerald. Knuckles agreed to help, but received a dire warning from his great-grandfather Athair that his leaving the Floating Island could lead to disaster.

    Regardless, Knuckles helped the Hedgehogs onto the fortress, only to learn that Robotnik's lackeys had turned on him and stolen the Emerald. Going to Athair, the four learned that they had to align with Robotnik to keep the Chaos Emerald-which had split in half-from releasing so much energy that Mobius itself would be destroyed. The siblings refused, so Knuckles took the matter into his own hands. Making a deal with Robotnik, he unwillingly agreed to lead Sonic and the others into a trap in exchange for Robotnik's help, so long as Robotnik promised not to put any of the three through Roboticization.

    True to form, Robotnik betrayed Knuckles, but Knuckles was able to turn the tables and free his friends. Forging a new alliance with Robotnik, they recovered the Emerald, which Knuckles was then given charge over. He was offered the position of a freedom fighter, but was forced to decline because of his duties to take care of the Chaos Emeralds on the Floating Island. It is also possible he has a slight crush on Sonia. Sonic Underground ended before the plots could be resolved, and so Knuckles appeared in four episodes.

    Sonic X (2003)

    Knuckles recently appeared in the Sonic X anime. He appeared in the first episode witnessing Sonic destroying Dr. Eggman's base and sending him and his friends to an alternate dimension. He then reappeared in episode 3 with Amy Rose who was looking for Sonic so figured she could follow him to find him. They witnessed Eggman's robot destroying and saw Sonic going after it. Amy rushed to go and help Sonic, Knuckles told her to wait but didn’t listened and went after her.

    After Sonic finished off the robot the police arrived to arrest them and thus making Knuckles angry after saving them. Sonic then told Knuckles to leave them alone and grabbed the Tornado 2 rope to escape. He then decided to go look for the Chaos Emeralds by himself.


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