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Knodar comes from the year 2447 A.D. on the parallel Earth-2. Everyone's needs and whims are met by machines that there is no incentive to steal, therefore no reason to create a crime or criminals.

The one person who liked this idea of being a criminal was Knodar. He was inspired from old gangster movies. In his initial try at being a criminal he was caught and placed in a cell

for all to see as a social anomaly. His uniform was custom, since no unforms needed to be mass produced, with P's stitched on the uniform to stand for prisoner.

He escaped to 1947 and began a crime spree with stolen tech from his time period. He was pursued by a man named Dalmyr and took him back to his time period when Alan Scott defeated him.He would later make two more trops to the 1940's only to be sent back by Alan Scott.

He showed up again during the Crisis on Infinite Earths and battled Jonni Thunder and the Star Spangled Kid. It is beleived he was not the last criminal from that time period, since the Reverse Flash hails from that time period.

It is also unknown how his history has altered with the new Crisis creating a new Earth. He was seen at the House, Roulette's club for criminals.

Powers and Abilities

Knodar has no superpowers. He's not trained in hand-to-hand combat. He uses future tech in his crimes, specifically the 'metal controller' which he can use to levitate and reshape metal.


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