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    Knockout is currently a member of the Guardians of the Globe, representing Canada's interests in the team. Her powers stem from a pair of special boxing gloves that grant her superhuman strength and durability.

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    During the Great Depression the super-villain who called himself “The Boxer” attempted to rob an bank in Atlanta order to make ends meet. The robbery was going exactly as he planned until the hero, Thor Man, entered the scene. The two men battled briefly, until one of the Boxer’s gloves came loose. Even as the boxing glove fell from his hand, Thor Man struck a decisive blow directly into the middle of the Boxer’s chest.

    What Thor Man didn’t realize, was that the Boxer’s gloves were the source of his invulnerability and with them gone he was nothing more than a simple man. As a result, Thor Man’s strike crushed the Boxer’s chest; killing him instantly. Horrified and distracted by the carnage his hammer just wrought, Thor Man didn’t notice when the security guard who had been guarding the bank at the time, surreptitiously stole the gloves and slipped away with them.

    The security guard initially hoped to sell the gloves in order to make ends meet but eventually found that he risk them falling into the wrong hands. He even wore them himself for a time, taking on the name of the Boxer himself and fighting crime when necessary.

    Decades later, the guard’s grand-daughter found the gloves secreted away in his home and asked about their history. Then an old man, the guard told her of the gloves checkered past and when she asked for them, he happily passed them on to her.

    Contrary to popular belief following her first appearance on to the superhero scene, Knockout is actually flat-chested, but during the time she was employed by Capes Inc, she wore a pair of prosthetic breast enhancements as part of her superhero costume because, in her words, "the world just doesn't want flat-chested superheroines". Apparently this held true for her employers, as her salary did indeed double after she started wearing them.

    When the Guardians of the Globe held a membership drive after Invincible left Earth to fight in the Viltrumite War, Knockout and her teammate/boyfriend Kid Thor were selected to become Canada's representatives on the Guardians of the Globe. She has been part of the fights against The Walking Dread and the new War Woman, both of The Order. After joining the Guardians, she stopped wearing her prosthetics altogether, and apparently hold no shame at being flat-chested, possibly because people actually like a superheroine that breaks the mold and shows the world that you don't need to look like someone else's idea of beauty to be a superhero.

    Recently, she found herself on the receiving end of Outrun's romantic advances, something that visibly unnerved her. She hadn't expected the speedster to be so forward, and rebuffed her, which in turn caused Outrun to call her both "uptight" and "old-fashioned." Knockout responded in annoyance by referring to herself as a "one-partner-at-a-time type," but had her thought cut short by Ms. Popper, who had teleported in to the Guardian's HQ to ask for their assistance in a situation that Best Tiger, Kaboomerang, Japandroid, and Samson were dealing with in Kuwait. Both heroines were more than happy to agree and joined the fray, ready to blow off some steam by busting heads.

    Despite the constant risks, Kid Thor and Knockout seemed to thrive among their teammates and come out of their insane battles relatively unscathed. That is, until Kid Thor faced the mad god Thoth in India.

    Thoth murdered Kid with casual ease during their battle. When his remains were returned to the Guardians’ headquarters in Utah, Knockout wept over his corpse until she inadvertently resurrected him when she placed his magical hammer onto his chest.

    Kid’s miraculous resurrection, and the insane events of their lives, caused Knockout to re-evaluate their relationship status. She now wants to marry Kid as soon as possible, in order to never be apart from her lover.

    Powers and Abilities

    Knockout is a capable pugilist; presumably she has received some form of formal training in American Style Boxing.

    Weapons and Equipment

    Knockout employs a unique pair of boxing gloves in combat. Through some unknown method be it technological or magical, the gloves grant their wearer the ability to strike physical objects with superhuman force in addition to a measure of invulnerability. Knockout has never measured the maximum force she can generate from a single punch.


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