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    Knives Chau dated Scott Pilgrim for a short time before he met Ramona Flowers. 17 years old and a self proclaimed "Scottaholic", Knives attempts to win Scott back by becoming more of a hipster.

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    Precious little life

    Knives met Scott on the bus with her mom and decided they dated after that. Usually she would talk about high school drama and other stuff with Scott. When she first heard Sex Bob-omb she immediately fell in love with the band. Knives then started dressing like a hipster and had her first kiss with Scott. On the night of Scott's performance Knives passed out due to excitement.

    Vs the world

    When Knives was on a date with Scott at a CD store, Knives confesses her love to Scott but Scott broke up with Knives ( Wallace made him do it). Knives then goes into a depression and stalks Scott and learns that he's dating Ramona. Furious she invites her friend over to help highlight her hair and talks mean things about Ramona. Later while Ramona was delivering a package to a library, Knives attacks her with 2 knives as weapons. Ramona fought back and ended when Knives realized that she saw Ramona at a library and realized that Scott cheated on her with Ramona so she left. She was then seen later at the Clash at the Demonhead (her favorite band) concert while on a date with Young Neil. Knives then learned about how Scott used to date Envy Adams (lead singer) which made her go crazy.

    The infinite sadness

    After the show. The whole group were backstage talking with Envy and the band. Knives kept interrupting Envy saying how much of a fan she is but was responded with the drummer punching the highlights out of her hair and kicked out. She was seen later crying outside while being comforted by Young Neil. On the day Sex Bob-omb was to perform she was sitting in an ally way depressed. Scott came and tried to cheer her up. Knives then revealed that she only dated Young Neil because he sort of looked like Scott. Scott then cheered Knives up and Knives said she still loved him. Later when Ramona was fighting Envy, Knives came and sneak attacked Envy but also hit a wall leaving her unconscious.

    Gets it together

    Knives is seen at Julie's birthday party at her aunt's beach house and knives broke up with Young Neil. Later Scott found Knives drunk and making out with drunk Kim. After the party, Knives is at her home taking about how much she doesn't like Young Neil and wonders why a picture of Scott is slashed. Knives is later seen working at the Coffee bean and tells Scott the mysterious man who is trying to kill Scott is actually Knives's father who wants him dead after he figured out he was dating Knives. After that she was seen drunk at a party.

    Vs the universe

    Knives was then at one of Julie's parties talking to Stephen Stills. Stephen told her about how he was dating Knives and Ramona at the same time which made Knives wonder if Ramona knew she was cheated on. During Scott's fight with the second robot, Knives was fighting Ramona and revealed that Scott was 2 timing them both and left.

    Finest hour

    Knives is now 18 was talking to Scott at a party. After Scott asks if Knives wants casual sex she says that she is now over Scott but still loves him. She then says she wants to be alone and wants to find herself. Knives and Scott then briefly made out but ended awkward. Later she is seen at the new Chaos theater with her friend who is now a major Envy Adams fan. After the fight Knives is heading off to college and tells Scott that he will always be her Clash at the Demonhead and leaves.

    Other Media

    Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Movie - In the movie Knives Chau is played by Ellen Wong.

    Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game - Knives was originally a stryker that and of the four playable characters could summon each with a different effect. Scott would summon Knives who would then sprout the word "LOVE" in big puffy letters that stuns enemies. Ramona summons Knives who is holding a giant teacup. Stephen Stills summons Knives who then throws large daggers across the screen. Kim summons Knives who proceeds tp kiss he for a quick health boost and a stun effect by freaking out the enemies on screen. Negascott ,instead of summoning Knives, summons Negaknives. She was added as a DLC character and now has her own storymode adn her mother Mrs. Chau as her stryker. Her ending depicts her and Scott's wedding. She appears in Scott's ending as his one of three girlfriends after Ramona leaves him alongside Envy Adams and Kim Pine. In Kim Pine's ending her and Kim become a couple to the bewilderment of Stephen and Scott. In Negascott's ending Knives along with the rest of the main cast become slaves.


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