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The Knights of the Infinite are a small clan of Skrull/Kree hybrids gathered together over time by the patriarch of their order; Dorrek Supreme. A noble warrior king born of a Skrull royal and a Kree super soldier whom fell in love during the first universal war. Dorrek would go on to Shepherd other hybrid outcasts like himself and train them to be heroes, guardians and protectors whom would one day supersede and eventually quell the war in order to unite the constantly feuding empires.

In the mean time they were simply happy to live and let live, as many of their kind were persecuted and hunted to extinction by the warring races, Making their home in a humble little outpost just outside the Andromeda Galaxy. It would be a safe haven for which their kind could live away from the constant conflict of their parent species.

Over time however, the Knights started believing in an elder's prophecy that once a new scion of Kree and Skrull decent would rise in the wake of both empirium's fall. That they were destined to find him or her and they would lead them to unify and protect the two races. Whom under the leadership of those who managed to take up Excelsior, the mystic sword conjoined of the two magic blades belonging to Dorrek Supreme the 1st and his respective parents.

A feat of which proving their chosen heir to be the reincarnation of Dorrek Supreme himself.

Fulfilling the Prophecy

In the wake of the Skrull's decline after the world eater Galactus destroyed their home planet, coupled with the failed secret invasion which only further splintered their races autocracy. As well as the Kree's detonation of the Nega Bomb that devastated their species at the Supreme Intelligence's manipulations, on top of the destruction of the Kree Capital; Hala at the hand of Mr. Knife and his Slaughter Lords.

The knights began looking to the storied prophecy revolving about their unification of the empires. To that end they kept close tabs on their founders current decedent last found in the first thousand years since his passing; this heir to his legacy, Dorrek VIII, was known to the Earth's human populace as the superhero Hulking. Anxious with anticipation on recruiting Dorrek's perceived reincarnation to become their king. Their Magus M'ryn tried to postpone its fulfillment however, as part of the prophecy he foresaw involved his death once it were fulfilled, something he kept a hidden secret from his fellow Knights.

Eventually the Knights departed anyway, having traveled to Earth to retrieve their intended messiah, who was currently apart of the latest incarnation of New Avengers. Whom were both impressed at how their unique blend of science mysticism enabled them to easily infiltrate planetary orbit without detection by Alpha Flight, and overly aggressive as their Planetary Operational Defense System went on the assault at the sight of their ship.

While not having intended for it, one of their conjurers kidnaps Teddy via spell craft. When his boyfriend Wiccan tried to preempt their spell, he instead road along with Teddy adding him the the Knights quarry by accident. The Knights would later return to their base of operations, the Forbidden Asteroids on the far side of the universe. As they arrived, some of whom were impressed by Billy Caplain's reality warping abilities as they prevented his craft casting. Others were more up front about the reason behind the kidnapping instead, showing Hulkling to the trial ahead of him. Warning that if he were successful, ultimate power would be his, but if found unworthy then he would suffer searing; mind numbing agony instead.

Surprised and jubilant at how easily he'd completed his test. The Knights of Infinite bowed before the newly christened king of their humble Knighthood. With the Star Sword in hand, William crowned his beleaguered future husband King of Space.

Attack from the 5th Cosmos

As the Knights and their new king returned to their home, Castle Tarnala, where on the way they regaled the heroic duo with stories of how their sequestered band came to be. About how Ryga'a Empress of the Skrull Empire and Soh-Larr Ultra Warrior of the Kree, met on the battlefield during the very first Kree/Skrull Wars. Groomed to battle to the death with their hated enemies, they instead found each other as consorts over adversaries, knowing their union would never be allowed; the two fled both their respective sides and consummated their love in secret.

That union of which bred the first of the knights kind, one who was born of both Kree and Skrull heritage. Dorrek Supreme, Heir to the throne of both species. Who then went on to reforge his parents mystic swords into a single mighty blade that signified his sovereignty, as well as acted as the penultimate test for those who were of his noble lineage.

After admitting that they were happy with simply staying out of sight and out of mind as events played out within the universe. They knew thy had to act in wake of the times which devastated their respective ancestral species whom had persecuted them for so long, otherwise both the Kree and the Skrulls were sure to face extinction. Hoping that by bringing Teddy Altman to the heart of their secret home that he could take the reigns of both empires in order to bring peace and love to a universe at war. While entering a sacred chamber however, they discovered the possessed corpse of M'ryn feeding upon the flesh and souls of his fellow wizards.

As Hulkling moved to intercept the ghoulish specter, the entity possessing him peeled back his rotting husk to reveal the true form of the evil wizard from the time before now; Moridun. Who blasted the would be king away while making a move on his beloved, Teddy and the Knights launched a counter attack but but it scoffed off many of their best assaults. Saying that the provided distraction will make pretend play.

As the rest of the New Avengers make landfall to the Knights headquarters. The creature grew in power enough to enlarge its size, destroying the castle from the inside out as it made its way through the area. Both the Knights and Billy & Teddy's Teammates joined in the battle royal against the nightmarish last being, next no avail. As Moridun himself caste counter spells during the battle, Teddy found his new signature weapon could absorb magic when it drained an energy blast from Moridun with its edge. The New Avengers distracted Moridun long enough to allow Hulkling to stab him in the face with his cosmic sword, seemingly killing the creature as he'd surmised it could hurt him.

After the Battle the Knights buried their dead and let their new king and his mate leave for home, Hulking wishing he could stay but knew he had a duty to his friends back on earth. Which they excepted gracefully and humbly, saying he wouldn't be their king if he ran away from such responsibilities. Lan-Zarr promising their liege lord that when he needed them, the Knights of the Infinite would fight by his side.



Many of the Knights of Infinity are all hybrid species born between the union of a Kree and a Skrull. It is currently unknown whether or not the Knight themselves can interbreed with other species or not, and there are very few of their kind left as both their parent species are dwindling in numbers on top of said races hunting their kind to extinction.


Being the offspring of both Kree and Skrull, the path of which a mixture of the species has yet to be recorded. Many retain their Skrull species ability to bio-physically morph new extremital protrusions such as wings, extra limbs and the like.

Changing their outward appearance to resemble someone else entirely or even more practical aspects like bludgeons, shielding or armor. One of whom inherited the latent kree ability to harness and metabolize ambient energy into their system and release it as concussive force.


Body Type: Reptilian/Humanoid

Avg Height: Same as humans, kree, skrulls

Avg Weight: Same as humans, kree, skrulls

Eyes: Two

Hair Color: varies

Skin Color: varies

Fingers: Five (with opposable thumbs)

Toes: unknown

Special Adaptations: Shared genetic traits of their biophysical doners. E.I. Pointed ears, corrugated or regular chins, green, blue or pink skin.

Habitat: The Forbidden Asteroids

Gravity: Earth-like

Atmosphere: Thin

Population: 5 (initially 7)

Type of Government: Secretive Society

Level of Technology: Advanced; magitech capable of Reality Warping

Cultural Traits: Guardians


The Knights are a nomadic clan ruled by prophecy and isolation. While there was no designated governor; they're community was ruled by the high mage M'yrn the Magus while he was alive.

Being conceived of both the Kree and Skrull civilizations; the Knights order is of a warrior class that upholds to the prophesy of their elders. As well as loyalty to the fables surrounding their knighthood.

These Kree/Skrull hybrids use a mix of science and sorcery which is of a higher grade than the technologies or mystic arts of many races as a whole.

Possessing interstellar flight technology that can easily bypass Alpha Flight Station's sensory systems with minimal difficulty as well as break into lightspeed flight just as easily.

Powers and Abilities

Shapeshifting: Paramount to half their lineage. The Knights of Infinity possess the power of metamorphosis to some degree. A few of them creating wings with which to fly even within the airless vaccum of space.

Mysticism: The mystics of their order practice a craft called The Secret Fire which seemingly involves low level reality alteration into their arcanum. It has enough potency to waylay even a multiversal reality warper like William Caplan with provided effort.

Cosmic Energy Metabolics: One of the knights showcased the ability to fire photon blasts with her hands by force of will. Meaning that potentially some of the other remaining knights possessed Vell family's ability to metabolize and discharge varying forms of solar, stellar or cosmic energies at will.


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