Knights of the Galaxy

    Team » Knights of the Galaxy appears in 19 issues.

    Interplanetary police force created by Joe Giella.

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    The Knights of the Galaxy are a legendary team of commandos living in the 25th century whose duty it is to batle various threats to the peace and security of the Earth and the many inhabited planets colonized by Earth or allied with it.

    By the 25th Century, Earth people have developed starships in which they have travelled to many distant star systems, and they have made contact with many alien races. The Knights of the Galaxy, based on the space station Gala, seem primarily made up of Earth people, but there are aliens in the organisation.

    The Knights are highly skilled starship pilots and adept at using various advanced weapons. The ablest and best known of the Knights is Lyle, who has proved himself on many missions. Lyle is romantically invilved with Ora, the daughter of the leader of the Knights, Knight Commander Artho. Despite her youth, Ora became chief scientist for the Knights, and after distinguishing herself on a mission, became a Knight herself.

    Created by Joe Giella.


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