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Collects Knights of the Dinner Table #16-18 with extra features. Includes the death of Dave's cow Chesie, the 'Dungeon in Space' stories, the first appearance of the Black Hands, and Nitro's revenge on Bob. The original stories have been enhanced with additional footnotes, which give behind-the-scenes perspectives from the developers and a cleaner visual presentation. Includes 20 pages of new material!

Table of Contents

The Strips

  • The Whistling Zephyr
  • Where Now Brown Cow?
  • The Gary Jackson Files: Ship in a Box
  • Ship of Fools
  • Carry A Big Stick
  • It's A Long Way Home
  • Oil and Water
  • Nitro's Revenge
  • The After Action Review
  • When Peace Comes to Shove
  • Dewin' Hard Time
  • The Day the Magic Died
  • The Turn About

The Bonus Strips

  • Bag War Four
    • A Retro KoDT Strip: Bag Raiders 3: The Treaty is broken and the group finds itself at war with Barringer once again. This follows the bonus strips of BOT #5.
  • The Game Audit
    • A Retro KoDT Strip: Bag Raiders 4: Suspecting foul play, the group asks for an 'audit' of B.A.'s campaign notes.
  • The Jackson Document
    • A Retro KoDT Strip: Bag Raiders 5: Brian gets his hands on the legendary J-Doc (J-Doc included in file!)
  • Dead Man's Bluff
    • A Retro KoDT Strip: It's a game of bluff and Bob calls.
  • The Hybrids of Murgison County
    • A Retro KoDT Strip: Is Teflon Billy human or a dwarf? Herein lies the answer.







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