Knights of Pendragon

    Team » Knights of Pendragon appears in 55 issues.

    Individuals empowered by Pendragon spirits which were once members of the Round Table.

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    The Knights of Pendragon are individuals who the Green Knight, a proclaimed mystical protector of Britain who lives in the Green Chapel in the realm of Avalon, places Pendragon spirits into which were the original spirits of the true Knights of the Round Table. The Green Knight is apparently subdued by an endless conflict with the Bane, who are lackeys of his sworn enemy, the Red Lord. Supposedly the Green Knight is a sort of real-life embodiment of Britain's nature while Bane have the sole purpose of endangering Britain. When this happens, The Green Knight sends Pendragon souls to unsuspecting individuals to help protect Britain.

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    On the planet Arakne, there was another team of Knights, in the homeland form of spiders.


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