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    Knight is a contract killer from London that has the ability to transform his body into a suit of armor and uses a blade to take out his enemies.

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    Malcolm Knight and his brother Leo Knight grew up as orphans in Liverpool. They were adopted by Edgar Fogg who was a bitter drunk and had a hooligan son named Thomas Fogg who would become a bad influence on Malcolm. Thomas and Malcolm became young hooligans that would beat up on smaller kids as they grew up. Edgar Fogg could not control the two youngsters. The only voice they heard belonged to Thomas' sister named Evelyn. Malcolm would always apologize to Evelyn and try to do the honorable thing but he would come back to his old ways because Thomas Fogg was his only friend. Two bad boys would grow up to be two bad men. They ended up becoming contract killers for a Liverpool mobster.

    They took a job to kill Professor Henry Lewis. He was a brilliant physicist that loved horse racing. The two men were hired to take him out because he failed to pay his debt. Professor Lewis was working on particle wave theory at a energy research lab when the two men confronted him. Thomas Fogg shot Professor Lewis and he landed on his experimental particle cannon. The particle cannon went wild and the two men were reduced to their quantum structures as the labratory exploded. The two men survived but were never the same again. Thomas Fogg had the ability to transform his body into a ghost like mist and Malcolm Knight could transform his body into a living suit of armor. The two killers were known as Knight and Fogg. 

    The two killers were hired to take out the Arranger in America during an epic gang war in New York. The Arranger pleaded for help from other gangsters and even Spider Man. The Arranger was killed by Knight and Fogg which led them to an encounter with Spider Man. The two killers managed to escape and head back to London. Spider Man would travel to London to apprehend the two. Spider Man would find Knight and Fogg in Liverpool. Knight nearly killed Spider Man when Evelyn Fogg witnessed the attack and pleaded Knight not to kill him. Knight hesitated and threw Spider Man over a bridge. Spider Man would be picked up by Malcolm's younger brother Leo Knight. He was the captain of the boat that found Spider Man. Peter Parker woke up without his costume and had no idea who he was. The severe fall impaired his memory and had amnesia for a brief time. 

     Knight & Fogg attack Spider Man.
     Knight & Fogg attack Spider Man.
    Leo knew Peter Parker was Spider Man and was in Liverpool to go after Knight and Fogg. Leo took Peter to a local pub where he met Evelyn and Edgar Fogg. Peter's spider senses kicked in when Malcolm and Thomas entered the pub. Thomas found out from his father that Leo rescued the American and decided to take matters into his own hands. Leo took Peter back to his place and gave him his costume back to help bring back his memory of who he really was. Peter changed into his Spidey suit when Fogg entered the room and attacked both individuals. Fogg threw Spider Man out the window and choked Leo into unconciousness. Knight appeared in front of Spider Man and asked him why he was at his brother's house. Spider Man then remembered who he was and attacked Knight. The shocking attack rendered Knight human again. Malcolm woke up with Evelyn by his side and they saw Leo laying on the floor. Malcolm transformed into Knight in front of his family and vowed to kill Spider Man because he believed he was the one that hurt Leo. 

    A couple blocks away, Spider Man and Fogg were fighting on the streets. Spider Man was able to yank down a power line and hit Fogg with it. The shock turned Fogg into his human form. Suddenly Knight appeared accusing Spider Man of hurting his brother Leo. Spider Man told Knight that Fogg attacked them both and he was the man who hurt Leo. Fogg told Malcolm that Leo betrayed them and that he hated Malcolm because of Evelyn. Fogg called Knight a fool with his talk of honor. Knight told Fogg he was tired of following his rules and attacked Fogg. Spider Man managed to hit both of them with a power line as they fought each other and the shock rendered both of them human. The two were apprehended and taken to prison.  


    Knight was created by Gerry Conway and Sal Buscema in 1990 and first appeared in Spectacular Spider-Man # 165.

    Powers & Abilities

    Knight has the ability to transform his body into a living suit of armor. The armor was considered as strong as adamantium and it wielded a blade that could retract from his left forearm. When in armored form, Knight had enhanced strength, durability and resistance to injury.

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