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Knapp is a Yuever pilot stationed on Ghan IX, paired up with Harr. Knapp. Unlike Harr, Knapp view the natives of Ghan IX as missed understood. He believes that if the Yuevers and the Ghans opened a line of communications the war would be over and he could go back to his wife and two-year old daughter.

Major Story Arcs

Blood and Rage

Knapp and Harr are flying over the wilderness of Ghan IX when one to the ships with them is shoot down by a rocket. Harr believes it was fired by the natives on the ground and convinces Knapp to open fire. Knapp kills the natives believing to be right but still feeling wrong.

Soon after Knapp's ship is attacked by Atrocitus, who tears the ship to pieces, carries off Knapp and leaves Harr to die in the crash. Knapp tries to plead for Harr's life but Atrocitus does not care for Yuever. He takes Knapp to the bodies of the natives he killed earlier, and show him they were just children at play.

Realizing Atrocitus is planning on getting revenge for the dead, Knapp begins to plead, telling the Red Lantern that he has a wife and daughter, if Atrocitus takes revenge on him who will avenge them. This gives Atrocitus pause be he still kills Knapp with his Red Lantern blood vomit.


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