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He appears as a little man with a miniature hat levitating above his head, floating on a cloud. Like Kal Kent, Klyzyzk is a distant descendant of Kal-El. He is also a 5th-dimensional being, gaining such powers when Superman Purple married Quinto-Queen Glzntplzk of Zrrrf in the 67th century.

He arrives with Kal Kent and the Unknown Superman of 4500 AD from the Superman Squad in the Smallville of the distant past, shortly before Clark Kent to chain the Chronovore. They disguised themselves as farm hands to work on the Kent family farm; Klzntplkz was disguised as a former circus strongman midget.

When the Chronovore came to Smallvile, Klzntplkz used his Hyperpoon 5-D snares to hold it in place while the rest of the squad came with a tesseract cage to take it to the Celestial Zoo at Superman Squad HQ.

In normal continuity, Klzntplkz is briefly seen in the 5th Dimension of the 853rd Century when Kal Kent and Batman One Million briefly exit third dimensional space to escape a time paradox.


Klyzyzk Klzntplkz possesses standard Kryptonian powers such as super strength, super speed, flight, etc. These powers may be enhanced due to gaining supplemental powers from various bloodlines.

As the descendant of a 5th dimensional imp, his ancestors marriage to the imp gave the Superman dynasty ten alien sensory powers. He also has access to exotic technology such as the Hyperpoon, which functions beyond 3-dimensional space-time. He also possesses 5D Vision, allowing him to show his thoughts to others.


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