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    Klara is a girl Karolina ran into during a time traveling ordeal in the early 1900's. After following her and finding out more about her life Karolina set out to help her. She then joined the Runaways.

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    Growing up, Klara didn't realize she had any powers. She thought it was natural to grow plants simply by asking them to do so. When her mother discovered her powers, she pegged it as some sort of unholy curse. Klara's mother then sent her daughter to marry Mr. Prast, a man who would sail away, taking Klara away from her home. Mr. Prast is a white-haired man who beat Klara when he was drunk and even slept with her despite her tender age of twelve. He used her as a source of income (child labor laws didn't exist at this time) and sent her to work while he sat about.


    Klara Prast was created by Joss Whedon and Michael Ryan and first appeared in Runaways Volume 2 issue 27 (2007).

    Major Story Arcs


    Clara in the Past
    Clara in the Past

    During the Runaways' time in the past they witnessed an explosion and immediately jumped to save whomever was inside. When Karolina was doing another sweep of the area she discovered huge rose vines that burst right through a brick wall. Near this was a girl who she could only assume had created the huge wall of vines. Karolina lost sight of Klara that day, but later recognized Klara's horticultural handiwork and found her again. She saw Klara through a window and soon discovered Klara's upsetting living conditions and underage marriage. Karolina then set out to help the girl appreciate and understand her powers, while showing her how to fend for herself. Later Molly suggested that they take Klara back to the future with them which shook Karolina's plans a bit.

    It wasn't until Klara let it slip that Mr. Prast was sleeping with her that Karolina agreed to take her to the future. Xavin feard about this plan and objected, which led to an argument with Karolina. In his anger he let's his current shape (a Caucasian gentleman) slip and takes on his true form as a young African-American girl. When Karolina realizes this is Xavin's true form, she kisses Xavin. Klara is appalled by Karolina kissing a "nigress" (considering her chronological origin) and runs off, calling them sinful and dirty. Molly chases after Klara to try to calm her down but when Klara continues to insult Karolina and Xavin, Molly turns her back on her and leaves Klara to go back to her abusive husband.

    To the Future

    After a violent beating from her spouse Klara goes back to Molly who, to her surprise, takes Klara back with open arms (under the condition that Klara never insult Karolina or Xavin again, and that she not "freak out" when she sees her first jet plane). Klara then becomes the newest member of the Runaways. Throughout her time in the future, Molly becomes her friend because of their closeness in age, and attempts to learn the ways of the modern era. Klara later finds a a modern pair of foster parents who treat her with the love and kindness she deserves. She ultimately decides to stay with them.

    Powers & Abilities

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    Klara is a powerful chloro-kinetic, allowing her to control and manipulate the growth and movement of plants at will. She likes to describe this ability as "talking to" the plants, something she says she did back on her family's farm in Bern. She appears to be able to manipulate any kind of plant material, but has an affinity for roses since they "speak back" to her. Klara once caused large, violent vines to burst out of the ground and shield her from harm. Furthermore, the plants she manipulates seem to react to Klara's emotional state. A prime example of this is when Molly leaves Klara saddened after confronting her on her attitude and the roses begin to wilt.

    An example of her actually speaking to the plants comes when Klara manages to save a radio station manager from falling by calling out "grow!" prompting the mall plant-life to burst out of their planters and save him. She then says "thank you, yes, lie down" when finished. She is able to manipulate plant life for a variety of effects.


    Eyes: Gray

    Hair: Black


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