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Kkallakku first attempted to take over earth by assaulting Manhattan with the other Fear Eaters, though they were thwarted when Doctor Strange tricked the Fear Eaters into following him into another dimension. Afterwards, Strange teleported back to earth. When Kkallakku realized it had lost its artillery force, it fled.  


Kkallakku is a Marvel comics character created by Roy Thomas and Jean-Marc Lofficier. The demon first appears in Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #39 released in 1991.  

Major Story Arcs

Fear Itself 

The Serpent, the long lost older brother of Odin has returned and put fear into the people of Earth, raining down mystic hammers empowering lieutenants such as the Hulk, Absorbing Man and Titania, making them the Worthy, engines of destruction to help spread more fear and horror. The Fear Lords, including Kkallakku as well as Nox, D'Spayre, Straw-Man, Dweller in Darkness, and Lurking Unknown convene to discuss the Serpents recent actions against Earth and the Asgardians. However Nightmare was conspicuously absent. The Fear Lords are made aware of Nightmare's plans by Loki. Nightmare planning to profit from the Serpents plans and exploiting the excess fear overflowing to create a special crown to greatly augment his power. The Fear Lords all decide that Nightmare's plans are unacceptable, and so they plot against their fellow Fear Lord. A power struggle erupts with each Fear Lord vying for the powerful Nightmare Crown, with Kkallakku managing to grasp the powerful artifact for a time, before having it swiped from him by another Fear Lord, such a pattern repeating itself essentially leaving none of the Fear Lords with it long enough to use it.  

Powers and Abilities

Powerful demon that can feed on fear, Kkallakku is of the Fear Eater species. As such Kkallakku possesses extreme levels of durability, often appearing to be immune to physical attacks. Kkallakku is immune to conventional disease, injury or aging. Kkallakku often projects and generates the fears of other beings, feeding off the subsequent fears generated.        

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