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    Imbued with pure Morphin Grid energy after the universe was rebuilt, Kiya became a powerhouse of a fighter. Joining the Omega Rangers in their quest to protect the universe, Kiya became paranoid and betrayed her newfound friends.

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    Current Events

    Currently Kiya is trapped within a Space Dumpster after being defeated by Trini Kwan during the Necessary Evil event.


    Born on the planet Khoodjah, Kiya was a normal member of her race until one night she exploded with energy, unknowingly killing her family. Not long after the death of her family, she was hunted down by her people until Jason, Zack and Trini rescued and recruited her into the Omega Rangers.

    Major Story Arcs

    Necessary Evil

    Formation of the Omega Rangers

    Blue Omega Power
    Blue Omega Power

    After the universe was repaired and restored to its rightful order, many individuals were imbued with pure Morphin Grid energy. Empowering them with unique powers. One of which was Kiya, who exploded with power one night, accidentally killing her family with the fallout and making her an enemy of her people; only to be saved by Jason, Zack and Trini who were searching for The Empowered. Initially not trusting the Rangers, Kiya was convinced by Trini who believed that she was more than what her people called her.

    Seething with rage and despair, reeling from the death of her family by her own hands, the Blue Emissary converted Kiya to their cause by promising that by helping them, she would be helping herself. Teleporting herself to the planet Saard to help the Rangers against the Empowered alien cat Yale.

    Alongside her newfound allies; Jason, Zack, Trini and Kiya were given the Omega Morpher’s by the Blue Emissary, transforming them into the Omega Rangers, enhancing their own powers even further than before. Now a member of the Omega Rangers, Kiya fought against those Empowered with the Morphin Grid energy who sought harm and personal gain against the innocent.

    Other Media

    Video Games

    Power Rangers: Legacy Wars (2017)

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    Game Bio: Kiya's powers came to her one night in her sleep. When she woke up, she had tasted copper, and then a thousand spiderwebs of electricity flew out of her. As these powers escalated, everything nearby was reduced to ash, including her family. As for Kiya, she received a scar on her right arm, which she considers a reminder.

    Released: 06/26/2020


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