stuck in intangealble form eh

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is she i heard she was put in some sort of box

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she sure is 
that poor girl 
not the whole "intangible thing" 
more the whole "not being in any issues" thing 
that's way worse than death to a fictional character
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   Yeah, this happened to her before. Basicly, she'll be back to normal when someone decides to use her. Untill then, it's floating in a tube and mooning at Peter. *sigh* least she'd out of that flippin' bullet...but I wish they'd done something more interesting with her.
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Yep she's stuck in the "we don't want to use her, but also don't want fans to wonder why she isn't in any issues" box.

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This has become a huge fail.

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Didn't that whole Kitty's stuck in intagible form EXACTLY the same problem that they solved in X-Men Vs Fantastic Four which came out in a collected edition in 2010? Yup the FF & The X-Men face off and the Dr Doom intervenes, makes them fight some more and then cures Kitty. Dr Doom even called in his favour when he got Kitty to help him invade Limbo to get some Promethium (original Excalibur run no sure of issue number). So its really easily solved actually and shows there is no new ideas at Marvel

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does anyone know if Kitty was ever able to travel in vehicles while remaining insubstantial?

I'm not even sure how she walks, since you need to create friction with the ground to propel yourself.

If she was able to only turn the soles of her feet substantial, does that mean walking across hot coals while insubstantial would burn her?

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