Kitty Pryde for not just Chicago mayor but US President?

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A recent alternative history for Kitty Pryde has her running not just for mayor of her hometown of Chicago but ultimately being elected President of the United States( making her not just the first Jewish woman to hold the Presidency- in reality Chicago currently has a Jewish mayor, Rahm Emanuel, Obama;s former Chief Of Staff- but also the first mutant- or "mutie" to use the racist term to do so).

Given that the US has its first African American Chief Executive( in the shape of Barack Hussein Obama), I think Kitty should run for public office; she would be a natural for the job, it would prove that mutants can be as capable as any "normal" person , and given her "girl next door" persona, it would humanize mutants as no other thing did!( in reality there is talk that Hillary Clinton, former First Lady and Secretary of State is going to run for President on the Democratic ticket in 2016- after a black President then why not a female one?)

So, Kitty Pryde for not just Chicago mayor but US President!


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.... I'm pretty sure Kitty Pryde isn't 35...

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Who IS over age 35 in the comics world??

.... I'm pretty sure Kitty Pryde isn't 35...

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