Is Kitty having second thoughts?

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If you guys click on the link, we've got Cyclops, Emma, Magik and Kitty walk into the bar where Nightcrawler's "Welcome Back" party is being held.

Magik and Emma look smug and confident.

Whereas Kitty, is shy and looks... Embarrassed...

My question is: Is Kitty embarrassed being with Scott? And because of that, she's having second thoughts???

Post your opinion guys and gals!!!!!

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She may be embarrassed coming in with Scott's group but I doubt she's having second thoughts, she is stubborn if anything.

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about leaving nope she is stubborn as hell. She just new what would happen when the two fractions met, heck in the new all new x men issue she looks smug as hell asking why beast iceman and storm were there.

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This was like right after she left, wasn't it? She probably just feels bad for leaving so melodramatically.

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