Ellen Page reprising role as Kitty - thoughts?

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So recently it has been confirmed by Bryan Singer that Ellen Page will be reprising her role as Kitty Pryde. What are your thoughts on this? Are you happy that Ellen will be returning? Were you hoping for a new actress? Share your thoughts!

Personally, I am thrilled that Ellen Page is returning as Kitty. Not only is Kitty my favourite Marvel character but Ellen Page is one of my favourite actresses, and since seeing her portray kitty in X3, I struggle to think of a better alternative.

I'm also glad that Ellen will be breaking the Kitty curse, seeing as how there has always been a different Canadian actress playing her up until now.

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As long as they portray her with some actual tech skills, and give her more than six lines, I approve.

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I also really like both Kitty Pryde and Ellen Page, so I'm pretty excited about it. I hope she has a major role in this film and future films.

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Ellen Page was the best but if X-Men Last Stand. I'm happy.

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